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Thursday, June 30, 2005

things go better with war

we watched awol's ratings speech a couple of days ago, and were quite pleased that he only blamed iraq for 9/11 a mere half-dozen times...he seems to be getting better.

but then, afterwards, on msnbc, chris "i can interrupt you faster than you can interrupt me" matthews had some sort of
tent-revival show as he and his guests discussed the speech.

during his post-game segment, matthews made an incredibly bone-headed statement (we know, we know, what else is new, right?) about how america views the iraqi war versus how america viewed world war ii.

americans today want it all right away, matthews indicated. he implied that because we had short attention spans, we weren't willing to stay in it for the long haul, like our fathers and grandfathers did in the forties against hitler.

we shook our head in disbelief. matthews was assuming that war is nothing more than a commodity that americans buy, like tires or cola. and it was the american consumers' tastes that was different.

world war ii versus iraq, to matthews, was nothing more than pepsi versus coke. americans tastes, or attention spans, had changed, making it harder to stomach a long war.

apparently it has nothing to do with one madman invading countries, intent on dominating the world, as opposed to another nutcase who held no threat whatsoever to other countries. apparently it had nothing to do with threats against national security. apparently it had nothing to do with being told the truth by the people who lead us into either war.

apparently it was all about the public as consumer, and not about the reasons to engage in the worst situation that human kind can arrive at (war).

never served in the military. to him, sending young americans to their death is a matter of poll numbers. it's the american citizenry's fault for not having more will to engage in whatever war their government shoves them towards, and it has nothing to do with political factors, reality checks, or national security.

sorry, chris. we prefer intelligent discussion before sacrificing lives. and coke v. pepsi doesn't cut it for us.
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a comparison in contrast...

the view from the ground:

...an official of the department of veterans affairs admitted last week that it is short $1 billion for the current fiscal year, which ends sept. 30; but giving short shrift to those who have served their country is nothing new for this administration.

for several years now, the bush bean counters have been slashing funds for veterans' medical care. playing cheap with those who have put their lives on the line would be a concern any time. coming as the shortfall does as soldiers return home daily from war in afghanistan and iraq with horrific injuries, it's a scandal... [from the
toledo blade, via buzzflash]

and a glimpse from above the clouds -- waaay above them:

next week, our nation has an opportunity to make sure that support is felt by every soldier, sailor, airman, coast guardsman, and marine at every outpost across the world. this fourth of july, i ask you to find a way to thank the men and women defending our freedom -- by flying the flag, sending a letter to our troops in the field, or helping the military family down the street... [awol catapulting his propaganda at a captive fort bragg audience two nights ago]

oh, not to change the subject, but this just came in: 42% of americans favor possible bush impeachment. leapin' lizards, sandy, can you believe that?...
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quack, quack, quack

no bounce: bush job approval unchanged by war speech; question on impeachment shows polarization of nation; americans tired of divisiveness in congress—want bi-partisan solutions—new zogby poll

president bush’s televised address to the nation produced no noticeable bounce in his approval numbers, with his job approval rating slipping a point from a week ago, to 43%, in the latest zogby international poll. and, in a sign of continuing polarization, more than two-in-five voters (42%) say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the president misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with iraq.

it wasn’t just the soldiers who refused to clap. (thanks to the commenter at americablog)
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happy birthday!

to our good buddy and co-blogger, holden caufield, who's xx years old today!

many happy more to you, holden! you do a bang up job over at first draft and our blog is all the better for your contributions as well!
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change of address card

be sure to bookmark
peek's new url over at alternet. and stop on by to check out the new look!
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change of address card

be sure to bookmark
peek's new url over at alternet. and stop on by to check out the new look!
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zombie dogs!

down boy, down ...

scientists at the safar center for resuscitation research have successfully brought dogs "back to life" 3 hours after they were clinically dead. they consider this a breakthrough in the treatment of severe and otherwise fatal injuries. what's more, they take great offense at the fact that the story has taken on ... er, a life of its own ... on the internet, that is. seems they don't seeing their experimental subjects described as "zombie dogs."

so stop it, everybody out there in cyberspace. this is serious research, not a horror movie! these re-animated canines are not going to come to life and suddenly start devouring every living thing they see .... ravaging the country as they travel, singly and in packs ... to eat, and eat yet again ... after first turning on their unsuspecting masters ...

what a stupid fantasy.

so don't even think about it!

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say hello

to vanquished simplicity, a blog from across the aisle (who nonetheless links to us), and the adventures of the smart patrol, a lefty after our own hearts!
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the million hit march skippy-a-ton...day 11

we are inching closer to our
goal of a million hits on our 3rd blogiversary on july 10 and/or 13 (64,000 short), and we'd like to thank the latest blogs to jump on the skippy bandwagon:

a big bow to katherine at
cut to the chase for not only linking to our blog ,but adding our disgruntled kangaroo graphic with a link to us on her sidebar! (and we'll happily add her fine site to our blogroll);

and of course, a big thanks to
instapundit, the granddaddy of all right-leaning blogs, to give us a shout out by linking to our discussion of the the discussion of the kelo case.

remember, we'll add any blog to our roll that wants to link to
skippy the bush kangaroo's radio interview on wrfl, the univ. of kentucky's station, by ben carter of bluegrassroots.org. or any other post on skippy, in pursuit of our goal!
skippy needs a million hits!
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tthe infotainment special

the quote of the day comes from the immensely quotable (if not always esthetically soothing) frank aappa, who said
government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.
(thanks to libertyquotes.com) and now for the day's divertissement ...

bob somerby at the daily howler asks one of the few reasonable questions left to ask: "when will liberals express a key point - that we live in a world run by hoaxers"?

john dominic crossan, scholar of the historical jesus, discusses the central role the concept of justice played in historical judaism and the birth of christianity in this audio npr interview. he's one of many religious voices that don't get much airtime these days ... I'm sure the new management over there at cpb will see that he's not invited back.

howard dean (hey, didn't I get in trouble once for mentioning him?) rocks the house in this hardball interview. one of many good points he made was that

when the secretary of defense goes over there, he gets his humvee flown in, and the guys over there don‘t have adequate protection on the bottom of their humvees. This is not the way to run a war, and it‘s not the way to treat our soldiers.
attaboy, howard.

and as scoop nisker used to say, "if you don't like the news, make some of your own."

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if the generals are really telling awol they don’t need more troops

gunmen storm northern iraq city - baghdad, iraq — gunmen stormed the former insurgent bastion of samarra in northern iraq yesterday, killing at least two elite police commandos and injuring as many as six.

witnesses said armed men in as many as 10 civilian cars marauded through samarra, a historic tigris river shrine city filled with archaeological treasures. they attacked a building used by security forces with mortars and rocket-propelled-grenade launchers. the gunmen then surrounded the hospital and began shooting at it until iraqi and u.s. reinforcements showed up, witnesses said.

samarra was the site of a u.s.-led assault last summer meant to rid the city of insurgents. residents said tensions had peaked in the city after a tuesday raid on a pharmaceutical factory by security forces.
he needs to be firing those generals. (via prof. cole). update: mahablog thinks so too.
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awol bungling war on terror

test faults processing of passports -washington, june 28 - the names of more than 30 fugitives, including 9 murder suspects and one person on the federal bureau of investigation's most-wanted list, did not trigger any warnings in a test of the nation's passport processing system, federal auditors have found.

insufficient oversight by the state department allows criminals, illegal immigrants and suspected terrorists to fraudulently obtain a united states passport far too easily, according to a report on the test by the government accountability office to be released wednesday.
but the war in iraq is worth it. after some maniac blows up bettendorf, we’re sure that’s what all the historians will say. it was worth it - to osama, at least.
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if only awol could keep us safe as easily as he wastes our money

the high cost of a rush to security - tsa lost control of over $300 million spent by contractor to hire airport screeners after 9/11 - those details are contained in a federal audit that calls into question $303 million of the $741 million spent to assess and hire airport passenger screeners for the newly created transportation security administration after the terrorist attacks of sept. 11, 2001. the audit, along with interviews with people involved in the passenger-screener contract, paints a rare and detailed portrait of how officials at the fledgling agency lost control of the spending in the pell-mell rush to hire 60,000 screeners to meet a one-year congressional deadline. [--snip--]

dcaa auditors said in their report that they were blocked from conducting a complete review by pearson executives, who declined to provide key documentation about cost and pricing, subcontractor activity and other matters. in some cases, the auditors said, pearson officials declined to respond to specific questions about the contract.
and it only cost pearson $8,000 to buy this little cash cow.
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awol’s losing afghanistan

mood of anxiety engulfs afghans as violence rises - kabul, afghanistan, june 29 - the loss of a military helicopter with 17 americans aboard in eastern afghanistan on tuesday comes at a time of growing insecurity here. for the first time since the united states overthrew the taliban government three and a half years ago, afghans say they are feeling uneasy about the future.

violence has increased sharply in recent months, with a resurgent taliban movement mounting daily attacks in southern afghanistan, gangs kidnapping foreigners here in the capital and radical islamists orchestrating violent demonstrations against the government and foreign-financed organizations.

the steady stream of violence has dealt a new blow to this still traumatized nation of 25 million. in dozens of interviews conducted in recent weeks around the country, afghans voiced concern that things were not improving, and that the taliban and other dangerous players were gaining strength.
we are informed that today the wall street journal is mocking democrats for criticizing awol’s foreign policy without offering one of their own. to the conservative red leeches we offer this one: how about winning the war in afghanistan – you know the place where the taliban, who protected the terrorists who attacked america, live.
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five to twelve years

ranks plagued by infiltrators - weak controls allow rebels to inflict harm in security forces' midst. officials say improving screening is essential. - baghdad — one bomber penetrated the secure compound of iraq's most celebrated police commando unit. another slipped into a mess hall where scores of iraqi soldiers were sitting down for a meal.

neither suicide attacker aroused suspicion for a very good reason: both were iraqi security officers. [--snip--]

amid dwindling u.s. public support for the war, the ultimate success of iraqi security forces is a linchpin of the administration's hopes. "a major part of our mission is to train them so they can do the fighting, and then our troops can come home," bush said.

but it is feared that rebels have a stealthy presence among those forces. infiltration was a specialty of saddam hussein's security apparatus, and officials say many recent cases were directed by so-called former regime elements — fre in military parlance.
maybe we should be talking about the “re-bathification,” not the “iraqification” of the security forces.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

if right is left, what's left? what's right? - a skippy musing

while trying madly to
reach a million hits for our third blogiversary (yes! talkleft coined that phrase!) we stumbled upon a truly conservative blog called cynical nation .

now, by "truly" conservative, we don't mean way more conservative than lgf (that would be nigh impossible). no, we mean "conservative" in the literal, old school definition of the term: wanting to conserve (budget, environment, values); a real-life libertarian, not a wannabe who likes shouting for the sake of shouting.

cynical nation, when we visited, was still reeling over the kelo v. big corporate greed (sup.ct. 2005) decision, a ruling which, to be quite honest, we ourselves found to be both reprehensible and unsurprising.

reprehensible because, of course, it sets precedents for governments and corporations to steal take private property from land owners under the guise of "eminent domain." unsurprising, because, well, in our minds, who wouldn't expect something from a political environment in which corporations and government are fusing all too much.

cynical nation points out that appointing administrations had little to do with the justices' individual views:

contrary to what many readers have suggested in comments and e-mail, i do not assume that a bush nominee to the court will automatically improve the situation. granted, all four dissenters were appointed by republican presidents, but so were three of the five in the majority (ford, reagan and bush.) to get an originalist or a strict constructionalist on the high court, being a republican nominee may be a necessary condition, but is by no means a sufficient one.

that's one reason i want to jettison this unofficial moratorium on "litmus tests." the next judicial nominee to appear before the senate needs to be grilled on the kelo case and grilled hard. if that comprises a litmus test, then so be it.

that's encouraging. we at skippy, while unabashed liberal, are even more in favor of everybody in the world making up their own minds on a case by case basis, ie, just because the guy in charge says he's from your party, don't expect him to operate in your favor. sometimes the left is right. sometimes the right is left.

we surfed through the right side of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) to find more folks stunned that the supreme court would favor money and politics over individual rights.

our good friend
vodka pundit :

this is a dreadful decision. if politicians have the right to take your private property and give it to somebody else just because the other guy claims that he can generate more taxes from it, then property rights have ceased to exist in the us.

the localities are still required to pay "a just price" when one of these takings occurs, but the price even a willing seller would be able to get from his property just took a huge hit. all a developer has to do now is make a lowball offer and threaten to involve a bought-and-paid-for politician to take the property away if the owner doesn't acquiesce.


it certainly is. redstate gives a thoughtful point-by-point dissection of justice's decisions and how they pretty much throw private property rights out the window by being incredibly vague (redstate's analysis, while right on the money, is detailed, precise, and boring. forgive us for not quoting it).

whizbang comes to much the same conclusion about the court as cynical nation...ie, just 'cuz they're registered as a republicans don't mean they likes the constitution:

for years, i've listened to the liberals screaming and wailing and howling about how big business really runs things around here, about how the corporate interests will end up totally running everything and screwing the little guy, and the republicans will be right there helping them. for years, i've found that laughable and signs of the raving paranoia among the left. but let's look at those five justices:

john paul stevens, appointed in 1975 by gerald ford. anthony m. kennedy, appointed in 1988 by ronald reagan. david h. souter, appointed in 1990 by george h. w. bush. ruth bader ginsburg, appointed in 1993 by william jefferson clinton. stephen g. breyer, appointed in 1994 by william jefferson clinton.

three of the five, appointed by republicans. it's slight consolation that the other four were put on the court by nixon, reagan, and bush.

and lest we forget daily pundit , who coined the phrase "blogosphere" (which is, of course, incorrect, because there is no shape to cyberspace; but, we digress), who thinks the supremes are simply out of touch:

a lot of the decisions made by those folks are - of course - based on their view of reality. since most of them are utterly insulated from true reality and live in cocoons manufactured specifically to keep them insulated, quite often they make horrid decisions with the best of intentions. the notion that raising taxes is a legitimate "public use" that justifies eminent domain takings - as souter voted for in kelo - is one such notion.

but what is the left side of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase, and it's geometrically more correct!) saying?

well, le'ts let skippy start:

it sucks. big time. now any developer with a politician for a friend can take your home away (anyone remember how the ranger stadium got built ?)

but oddly enough, we had trouble finding lefties even talking about it, let alone disagreeing with the supremes. but over on
dkos , though armando supports the decision, many, many commentors were abhorred:

so the petro-chemical corps should have every right to mine any land, especially in these times of war and shortage, because, as you know, cheap gas is no doubt in the public good…anyone hear that "windfall"??

asymmetrical distribution of power is the key... ...to why this decision is profoundly wrong. if you go down the posts in the response to this, you will see that those who are against the decision recognize that it is a decision in favor of the corporate state over the individual.

well said! i'd comment further but i'm too darned tired. gotta go to wal-mart (that they put on the site of a historic farm) and buy a shotgun to protect my house (isn't that pretty much the only approach left?) just in case they want to put a cvs or starbucks here. i'm pretty sure the surrounding neighborhoods would get more use from a starbucks than they ever will from my house and they'd pay more taxes. so everyone wins...except me, the wife and the cats.

government representatives depend on corporate money to finance their campaigns and incumbency. without it, they lose, with precious few exceptions. so, under current campaign finance law, power belongs to the company, big "c". the constitutionality of these laws has the court's imprimatur.

and how much do you want to bet that, soon after pfizer moves in, they threaten to leave unless they get "tax breaks" to stay? or do union-busting or refuse to provide employee benefits or whatever they need to do in order to profit? this happens all the time (cf. the book "going local" by michael shuman). so the ultimate trickle-down benefit to "the public" becomes basically nothing. i'm not arguing the jurisprudence here. from a purely constitutional standpoint, armando may be right. but from a moral, social, and public policy standpoint, this really sucks.

sandra o'conner hit the nail on the head when she said that this decision will benefit those who can afford the better lawyers. and reading the 5th amendment, i don't think that the dissenting view would have represented a wholesale new interpretation of the words.

much the same thing happened at poltical animal ...kevin drum thought the decision was no biggie, but his commentors were aghast, not only at the supremes, but kevin's attitude.

but when it comes to all things law, we go to our good friend
talkleft , who quotes john wesley hall in a piece that pretty much sums up reality:

the label "judicial activism" always applies to the judges aligned with the other guy. when it's their guys doing it furthering their agenda, "well, that's just the way it goes, citizen, suck it up."

well, what can we say? corporate/government power is something we've been fighting since we were little 'roos in our mama's pouch. you can twist and spin the ins and outs of the decision all you want, but it comes down to the golden rule...whoever has the most gold makes the rules.

and nobody, regarding of whatever party they align themselves with, should be surprised when the fatcats use them as a litter box.
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maximum laughs

from minimum security.
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let's open up the ol' skippy mailbag...

think progress catches the state dept. putting words in bono's mouth;

the moderate voice satirizes awol's speech last night;

rep. louise slaughter responds seriously;

from the roots documents the gop heling santorum cover up his votes against vets;

the alfrankenshow wants folks to call their congressjerks asking for an ethics investigation of rep. bob ney;

and francis volpe at the sentinel online gives tom cruise a serious and much needed talking-to.
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america's hidden christians

wonder why it is that you never hear about it when these christians - representing millions of members - speak out? the national council of churches is circulating a petition for the fourth of july that protests the war in iraq as an immoral act:
this year our nation is at war as we observe the 4th of July... day by day the cost of this war for the united states, for iraq, for peace grows clearer. no weapons of mass destruction have been found; no link to the attacks on september 11, 2001 has been shown. it has become clear that the rationale for invasion was at best a tragic mistake, at worst a clever deception.

as people of faith, we believe in the transcendent sovereignty and love of God for creation, and that the responsibility of human beings is thus to pursue justice and peace for all. we also believe that, as the biblical prophets of old ... we too are to speak to a land and people we love. as religious leaders we invite others who share our affections and dismay to recognize the time has come to speak out.

the time has come to say:

- no to leaders who have sent many honorable sons and daughters to fight a dishonorable war;
- no to the violence that has cost over seventeen hundred american lives, left thousands grievously injured, and killed untold numbers of iraqis whose deaths we are unwilling to acknowledge or count;
- no to the abuse of prisoners that has shamed our nation and damaged our reputation throughout the world;
- no to the price tag for this war that has rendered our federal budget incapable of adequately caring for the poorest of our own citizens; and,
- no to theologies that demonize other nations and religions while arrogantly claiming righteousness for ourselves as if we share no complicity in human evil.
bush's church is part of the ncc - so is frist's. a lot of baptist churches are in there, too. feel free to read the entire petition - and sign it if you wish - here.

we're always hearing about how the voices of christians are being suppressed in this country, while being subjected to the endless hate-filled shrieks of falwell, robertson, and the other american taliban.

still, maybe that "suppression" charge is true -- it's just that they're silencing the wrong christians.
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ignore the mujahedeen firing rockets at u.s. helicopters

all 17 us troops in afghan crash believed dead - all 17 u.s. troops aboard an american helicopter that crashed after being hit by ground fire in an anti-militant operation in afghanistan are believed to have died, a u.s. official said on wednesday.

the casualties from tuesday's crash would be the heaviest for u.s. forces in an incident linked to hostile fire in afghanistan since they invaded to overthrow the taliban in 2001.

"we presume that all were lost," said a u.s. official in washington, who asked not to be identified, when asked if all those aboard -- including elite u.s. seals special operations troops -- had been killed in the crash.

the official told reuters the twin-rotor ch-47 chinook was believed to have been hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in mountainous terrain near the border with pakistan, an attack claimed by taliban guerrillas.
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the million hit march skippy-a-thon...day 10

we are rapidly approaching our third blogiversary of july 10 and/or 13, and are woefully short of
our goal of reaching a million hits on that day...69,500 short, to be precise!

at this rate, we'll have to get about
7,000 hits a day...what are we, cox and forkum editorial cartoons? we don't think so.

nonetheless, we do need to take some time to thank the folks who have pitched in and linked ot our interview on wrfl, the univ. of kentucky's radio station, with ben carter of bluegrassroots.org, thus helping us get ever so closer to our unnecessarily desired numbers:

we found an epiphany at

the ever-jolly linkmeister, a frequent visitor to our humble site;

and jack k. over at
ruminatethis, who has some kind words for the marsupial.

we are happily adding those blogs who were not previously there on our blogroll...and, to that end, let us remark that we mistakenly thought "the jew" (there is only one, right?) was a co-blogger at ezra klein's blog, when he
linked to our post, joining our march. "the" (if we may call him that) points out that he was merely guest blogging at ezra's, and runs his own fine site, the jewish blog. to correct our mistake, we are dumping ezra ('cuz he don't link to us, he don't link to nobody, screw 'em) and adding the jewish blog, because the jew has long had us on his blogroll. (is the blogroll on the jewish blog kosher? just asking...)
skippy needs a million hits!
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from the search engines we'd never thought we'd find ourselves on department

as long as
they spell our name right!
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looking for love in all the wrong places

blanton's and ashton's, in addition to touting a
new blog at the new politics institute, is looking for answers to the question, "what is a conservative?" they are trying to find out how to define "conservative" in the same way that conservatives have managed to define "liberal" for the rest of us.

drop by and help them find the answer to this puzzling question.
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the land of the free

canada's "house of commons voted to adopt controversial legislation that will make canada the third country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage" reports
the globe and mail.

i love these quotes from paul martin (not pierre trudeau, but they look so much alike, it's a common mistake):
we are a nation of minorities. And in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don't cherry-pick rights.

a right is a right and that is what this vote tonight is all about.

canada, land of the free. there was another country they used to say that about, but then it passed the patriot act and that changed everything.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

note to dems and bloggers: be the cure, not the disease

democratic politicians and bloggers are clogging the airways with "responses" to awol's "address to the nation" as we speak. in my opinion, they should not waste their time. by repeating the lies, even to refute them, they continue to spread them. That's "framing 101." my suggestion: pick five simple statements, which should be repeated so often they become burned into people's psyches like advertising slogans.

one more thing: don't get so caught up in your own ego needs that you say anything more complicated than necessary. less is more.

(rest of post-speech rant is here, possibly thereby undercutting my own argument above that "less is more". i tried to keep it brief! but caveat lector)

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hate to see awol being "ungrateful"

the soldiers and families of fort bragg have contributed mightily to our efforts to secure our country and promote peace. america is grateful, and so is your commander in chief. -
speech at fort brag

the bush administration, already accused by veterans groups of seeking inadequate funds for health care next year, acknowledged yesterday that it is short $1 billion for covering current needs at the department of veterans affairs this year.

the disclosure of the shortfall angered senate republicans who have been voting down democratic proposals to boost va programs at significant political cost. their votes have brought the wrath of the american legion, the paralyzed veterans of america and other organizations down on the gop. -
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my take on the "speech"

george isuzu

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rapid response

now that awol made his pitch to make us forget the rotten economy and attritionous war, it's our turn.

has a page to help you write letters to the editor (make them civil, now. but be sure to mention the downing street memos which prove awol lied to america about the reasons to go to war).

and over at the political dogfight are tons of live email links ready to be used for different media outlets. again, be civil, and mention the dsm.
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iraq = 9/11

we couldn't believe our ears, but we're not surprised. awol, in his "my ratings are sagging so i'll give a speech" speech, just compared the fighting in iraq to the 9/11 terrorists. just in case you forgot that everything revolves around a tragedy that happened 4 years ago.

capitol buzz and think progress have the text of awol's speech.
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say hello

voice of mordor and the reality base and waiting apple.
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got milk?

a scientific article that says terrorists could poison thousands of people through the milk supply — withheld at first at the government's request — is being published despite continuing objections after the national academy of sciences concluded it wouldn't help attackers.

the study by lawrence m. wein and yifan liu of stanford university discusses such questions as how terrorists could release botulinum toxin into the u.s. milk supply and what effective amounts might be. -
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these "christian" a*holes won't even let a soldier rest in peace

i don't think jesus would approve of their protesting at a funeral.
this proud old seaport, whose sons and daughters have fought in every american war, was grieving for army staff sgt. christopher piper. the 43-year-old green beret died after his humvee hit a roadside bomb june 3 in afghanistan.

when word got out that demonstrators from kansas planned to disrupt piper's funeral monday, residents vowed not to let them interfere with the tribute to their hometown hero.

...shirley phelps-roper, a lawyer for the kansas church, said monday that the funeral demonstration was nothing personal against piper, who was not gay."we are protesting the sins of this nation," phelps-roper said. "that doesn't exclude him.

...on the corner of a narrow street lined with colonial-era buildings, the kansas contingent tried shouting its anti-homosexual message at mourners who overflowed from the church. but every time demonstrators spoke out, the 14-man boston police department bagpipe band broke into thunderous sound.

..."if they want to protest, they have every right under the constitution," audette said. "that is what this boy died for — the 1st amendment.

"but, he added: "don't do it here. this is not the place for it." -

i'm beginning to believe there is no place in our society for these narrow mindeded hatefilled people claiming to be "christian". if they want to protest, send them to iraq to do so.
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how low can he go?

awol's approve/disapprove numbers, state by state at
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they say you can't fight city hall

according to taegan goddard's political wire (via raw story), karl rove is working to elect rudy giuliani as vice president in 2008 under the tagline, "america's mayor." the idea: that whoever wins the top gop slot is likely to be so right-wing that the ticket will need "da mayor" for balance.

the biggest problem with the plan? that it's f*in' brilliant.

where are the brilliant democratic tactical minds that are coming up with a counter-strategy for their party? don't answer - it's a rhetorical question. we expect "losin bob" shrum to return for his usual drubbing at everyone else's expense.
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wsj of msm on dsm: made in blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

wall street journal correctly credits bloggers, specifically three bloggers working on dkos in the beginning, as the only folks in the world who made sure that the downing street memo got into the public consciousness:

a series of three-year-old british documents seized upon by those who think the bush administration manipulated intelligence before the war with iraq has demonstrated unusual staying power. that is due in part to declining public support for the conflict – but it also has much to do with an internet campaign by war critics prodding journalists to talk about them…

in mid-may, three regular readers of daily kos, a liberal blog, published their own web site to publicize the documents. according to its operators, downingstreetmemo.com was created by a silicon valley web-page designer, a chicago college student and a canadian citizen certain they had stumbled onto the smoking gun that could drag the bush administration down.

they were joined later by three other daily kos readers, including bob fesmire, husband of the silicon valley web designer. mr. fesmire, a marketing executive for an engineering business, said he returned from a business trip to find his wife, gina, obsessed with the leaked british documents, so he read them. "i said, 'this is it -- this is what's going to crack this whole thing open,' " mr. fesmire recalled. he was equally struck by the lack of interest in the documents, even among liberals.

the idea to target news operations came from michael clark, a pennsylvania professor of ancient history and occasional poster to daily kos who didn't know the fesmires before joining the effort. mr. clark said he knew nothing about running such a campaign but decided to contact three media outlets a day, including the likes of c-span, the associated press and the wall street journal.

on june 3, the group directed messages to nbc. on june 6, msnbc did a segment on the downing street memo. on june 9, brian williams, anchor and managing editor of nbc's evening newscast, posted a request for a truce on his internet blog: "one more note to those of you who are part of the mass email project on the so-called downing street memo: that's enough, we get it...it's an important story...and all you're doing now is taking up computer space. we're well aware of the story, we've covered it, and likely will again."

mr. clark broadened his efforts to include smaller newspaper chains and newspapers, searching for email addresses of specific editors. downingstreetmemo isn't the only internet-based group calling attention to the british documents. overall, the efforts appear to be working. a search of u.s. publications and television news-program transcripts shows that in the two weeks after the london times broke its story, the downing street memo was mentioned fewer than 100 times. the phrase has appeared nearly 800 times since mr. clark's efforts began, although it isn't clear the extent to which this is the result of his campaign.

we're a little miffed that the aritcle doesn't mention the big brass alliance, indicating that only 6 people are behind this movement.

(and we're really mad they don't mention
skippy...and furious that they use capital letters!)

but we are happy to see the main stream media keeping on this story and realizing that bloggers are the engine that drives it.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to
frederick clarkson's dkos diary for the link!)
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let's open up the ol' skippy mailbag...

afterschoolsnack wonders what's wrong with minnesota;

from the roots has the republican game show;

think progress points out that awol had a time table in 1999;

democracy cell project sends us their latest newsletter;

the jewish blog wonders if the blog the borg are the good guys.
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today's alert sponsored by the letter c (for crappy c.i.a. crawl cyphering)

oopsie! so sorry....

for weeks, america was on edge as security operations went into high gear. almost 30 international flights were canceled, inconveniencing passengers flying air france, british air, continental and aero mexico.

but senior u.s. officials now tell nbc news that the key piece of information that triggered the holiday alert was a bizarre cia analysis, which turned out to be all wrong.

cia analysts mistakenly thought they'd discovered a mother lode of secret al-qaida messages. they thought they had found secret messages on al-jazeera, the arabic-language television news channel, hidden in the moving text at the bottom of the screen, known as the "crawl," where news headlines are summarized. -
maybe they didn't watch enough pbs' sesame street as children.
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flaming flip flop flim flam

george w. bush,
4/9/99: victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is.”

and on the specific need for a timetable, here’s what bush said then and what he says now:

george w. bush, 6/3/99: “i think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn.”


george w. bush,
6/24/05: “it doesn’t make any sense to have a timetable. you know, if you give a timetable, you’re — you’re conceding too much to the enemy.”
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say hello

unprofitable pursuits, and the progressive depot links page.
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the general's call to phones

"the time has come to investigate the bush administration's role in the prisoner abuse and humiliation that has motivated our enemies in the war on terror and endangers the well-being of our fighting forces.

today, the reports of abuse and humiliation at detainment facilities in iraq, afghanistan, and cuba are distracting the world from focusing on winning the war on terror. although the military chain of command seems to have properly investigated the role of its personnel and held accountable those in the wrong, the civilian leadership in this country has failed to do the same.

call on senate armed services chairman john warner to investigate the bush administration's role in prisoner abuse

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the million hit march skippy-a-thon...day 9

some more blogs have jumped on the bandwagon to help skippy
reach his goal of getting a million visitors on his 3rd blogiversary of july 10 and/or 13, which is a mere two weeks away!!

the new blogs linking to
skippy's radio interview on wrfl, the univ. of kentucky's radio station (with ben carter of bluegrassroots.org) include, but are not limited to:

our hilarious friend tom burka, at
opinions you should have;

the gang at
crooks and liars (whom we will happily blogroll now)!

we also want to give a big shout out to our good friend
talkleft, who is randomly linking to whatever post on skippy she can find, in an effort to help us reach our goal. she's da bomb!
skippy needs a million hits!
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rest in peace, shelby

novelist and historian shelby foote, whose southern storyteller's touch inspired millions to reads his multivolume work on the civil war, has died. he was 88.

foote, a mississippi native and longtime memphis resident, wrote six novels but is best remembered for his three-volume, 3,000-page history of the civil war and his appearance on the pbs series "the civil war."

he worked on the book for 20 years, using a flowing, narrative style that enabled readers to enjoy it like a historical novel. - ap

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it pays to have an incompetent, stupid ceo

he can blame everyone else for the company meltdown.
jurors acquitted healthsouth corp. founder and fired chief executive richard scrushy on tuesday of all charges related to a $2.7 billion earnings overstatement at the chain of rehabilitation and medical-service centers.

scrushy had been charged with fraud, false corporate reporting and making false statements to regulators. he was the first ceo charged under the sarbanes-oxley corporate reporting law.

scrushy blamed the massive accounting scheme on subordinates including all five finance chiefs who served under him at healthsouth.

...scrushy was alabama's best-known business leader at healthsouth's height, a high-flying, imperial ceo who dictated everything from t-shirt designs to seating in the executive dining room. he had a penchant for big boats, vintage cars and waterfront mansions. -
ap and ap finance
if he claimed ignorance of everything happening in his company while still signing off on financial reports, what the hell do ceo's do then?
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a cautionary tale about mainstream media
how i learned to stop worrying and embrace commercials masquerading as news

does the mainstream media fail to do fact-checking or does it just publish or broadcast what it wants and damn the facts? here's a story to make you wonder. seems a poll was released that said more than half of all americans have trouble sleeping. turns out "the poll, the proclamations and the press kits that spread the information were paid for by sleeping pill manufacturers."

center for media and democracy has the story, which came to them from the sacramento bee (you have to register to get to the bee story).
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items of interest

the culture ghost directs our attention to the
allspinzone which provides us with the text of presidential remarks to the nation justifying a quagmire, and the news that exxon hasn't paid one thin dime of the damages a jury awarded against it for its negligence in the valdez incident in 1989.
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when conservatives prepare for war

nunn sounds warning on nuclear terrorism - washington — former sen. sam nunn said monday that the united states and other countries ''could face disaster'' unless they heighten efforts to keep nuclear bomb-making materials out of the hands of terrorists.

"the terrorists are racing, and we are somewhere between a walk and a crawl," the georgia democrat told a forum organized by former members of the 9/11 commission to measure progress on security recommendations they issued a year ago in a report that became a best-selling book.
be afraid. be very afraid. if a bomb goes off, here or anywhere, at least we’ll know whose fault it was - until the reds figure out how to blame clinton.
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the problem with using a 50 year old playbook

is that everyone know what you're doing.
when conservatives prepare for war, some americans are enriched, and some die for a lie, and some are pilloried for pointing out the truth.
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wingnut trash talk alert

ex-detainees allege koran was abused - lahore, pakistan, june 28 -- pakistanis freed from jail here after being held at the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, alleged monday that they saw american interrogators throw, tear and stand on copies of the koran, and one former detainee said naked women sat on prisoners' chests during questioning. [--snip--]

the pentagon this month released details of five cases in which u.s. guards at guantanamo mishandled the koran, including incidents in which one copy of the book was splashed with urine and another was stepped on.
we predict the wingnuts will make tasteless jokes suggesting that sitting a naked woman on a man’s chest could not be torture. we observe that such humor betrays more about the state of their souls than they obviously know. perhaps these released prisoners are merely parroting al-q training materials. perhaps the morons running the horror show in gitmo got the idea from the training manuals. we’ll never know. which is pretty much the definition of dishonor.
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who says there is no god?

air force names rabbi as adviser on religion - denver, june 27 -- a rabbi who retired as one of the military's top chaplains was appointed by the air force on monday to help carry out recommendations of a task force that investigated complaints of religious intolerance at the air force academy.
we just doubt that, until now, the “hateful red christians” had fully appreciated her sense of irony.
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death throes

car bomb kills shiite legislator in iraq - baghdad, iraq -- a suicide car bomb killed a shiite legislator and three others near baghdad on tuesday, an attack likely to further fuel ethnic tensions on the one-year anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty to iraqi authorities.

separately, more than 1,000 u.s. troops and iraqi forces launched operation sword in a bid to crush insurgents and foreign fighters in western iraq, the third major offensive in the area in recent weeks.

the military campaigns, however, have not been able to capsize a resilient insurgency that has killed more than 1,350 people _ mostly civilians and iraqi security forces _ since prime minister ibrahim al-jaafari announced his shiite-dominated government on april 28. [--snip--]

elsewhere on tuesday, a suicide car bomber slammed into a convoy carrying kirkuk traffic police chief brig. gen. salar ahmed, killing one of his bodyguards and a civilian in the northern city, police lt. assad mohammed said. four were wounded, including ahmed and three of his bodyguards. kirkuk is 180 miles north of baghdad.
this is what happens when conservatives prepare for war.
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don't you just hate it when sweetheart deals break up?

pentagon ends new work on d.c. firm's contract - mzm to name new ceo as relationship with congressman is under investigation - the pentagon has ordered a halt in new work for mzm inc., a local defense and intelligence firm, under a contract that has brought the company $163 million in revenue during the past 2 1/2 years. [--snip--]

rep. randy "duke" cunningham (r-calif.), a member of the house defense appropriations subcommittee, acknowledged last week that his relationship with mzm founder mitchell j. wade is being examined by federal authorities. [--snip--]

news reports earlier this month disclosed that wade, mzm's founder and president, bought cunningham's california home for $1.675 million in late 2003 and then sold it at a $700,000 loss. cunningham also has been living on mitchell's 42-foot yacht on the potomac while in washington. cunningham said last week that he exercised "poor judgment" in the relationship, but he denied doing anything improper. [--snip--]

danielle brian, head of the project on government oversight, which monitors defense contracting, said, "if only the pentagon was as concerned about all its contractors as it suddenly is now about this one."
surely ms. brian is too pessimistic. we think rummy will be concerned about every contract that makes the headlines because it reeks of fraud. otherwise, you know their motto: graft, it’s okay if you’re a republican.
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downing street memos: blair ignored the warnings of reality based advisors

from memos, insights into ally's doubts on iraq war - british advisers foresaw variety of risks, problems - the documents indicate that the officials foresaw a host of problems that later would haunt both governments -- including thin intelligence about the nature of the iraqi threat, weak public support for war and a lack of planning for the aftermath of military action. british cabinet ministers, foreign office diplomats, senior generals and intelligence service officials all weighed in with concerns and reservations. yet they could not dissuade their counterparts in the bush administration -- nor, indeed, their own leader -- from going forward. [--snip--]

a u.s. official with firsthand knowledge of the events said the concerns raised by british officials "played a useful role."

"were they paid a tremendous amount of heed?" said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "i think it's hard to say they were."
lie down with delusional megalomaniacs, wake up with nightmares.
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Monday, June 27, 2005

now this is a letter to the editor

that appeared in the
register-guard...but should be reprinted in every paper.

as of today, after 25 years, i am no longer a republican. i take this step with deep regret, and with a deep sense of betrayal.

...i could go on and on - about how we have compromised our international integrity by sanctioning torture, about how we are systematically dismantling the civil liberties that it took us two centuries to define and preserve, and about how we have substituted bullying, brinksmanship and "staying on message" for real political discourse - but those three issues are enough.

we're poisoning our planet through gluttony and ignorance. we're teetering on the brink of self-inflicted insolvency.
we're selfishly and needlessly sacrificing the best of a generation.
and we're lying about it.

while it has compiled this record of failure and deception, the party which i'm leaving today has spent its time, energy and political capital trying to save terri schiavo, battling the threat of single-sex unions, fighting medical marijuana and physician-assisted suicide, manufacturing political crises over presidential nominees, and selling privatized social security to an america that isn't buying. we fiddle while rome burns.

enough is enough. I quit.

james chaney is a eugene attorney who has been in private practice for more than 20 years, and who has been a registered republican since 1980.
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the rethugs go after scientists

joe barton doesn't like the results of scientific test results...they, well, go against the grain for his money trough providers.

chris c. mooney thinks this is harassment...and so do i.
house energy and commerce committee chair joe barton has sent a threatening letter to the heads of the intergovernmental panel on climate change and the national science foundation, as well as to the three climate scientists who produced the original "hockey stick" study.

barton is using his power as a member of congress to intimidate the scientists involved in producing the study. here are a few choice demands:

your curriculum vitae, including, but not limited to, a list of all studies relating to climate change research for which you were an author or co-author and the source of funding for those studies.

list all financial support you have received related to your research, including, but not limited to, all private, state, and federal assistance, grants, contracts (including subgrants or subcontracts), or other financial awards or honoraria.

according to the wall street journal, you have declined to release the exact computer code you used to generate your results. (a) is this correct? (b) what policy on sharing research and methods do you follow? (c) what is the source of that policy? (d) provide this exact computer code used to generate your results.

explain in detail your work for and on behalf of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, including, but not limited to: (a) your role in the third assessment report; (b) the process for review of studies and other information, including the dates of key meetings, upon which you worked during the tar writing and review process; (c) the steps taken by you, reviewers, and lead authors to ensure the data underlying the studies forming the basis for key findings of the report were sound and accurate; (d) requests you received for revisions to your written contribution; and (e) the identity of the people who wrote and reviewed the historical temperature-record portions of the report, particularly Section 2.3, “is the recent warming unusual?”

go read the whole post up at
chris c. mooney.
this is a politicized investigation.....aka witch hunt.
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and they wonder why they can't get recruits
the recruits of echo company stumbled off the bus for basic training at fort knox to the screams of red-faced drill instructors. that much was expected. but it got worse from there.

echo company's top drill instructor seized a recruit by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. other soldiers were poked, grabbed or cursed.

...once inside the barracks, pvt. jason steenberger says, he was struck in the chest by the top d.i. and kicked "like a football." andrew soper, who has since left the army, says he was slapped and punched in the chest by another drill instructor. pvt. adam roster says he was hit in the back and slammed into a wall locker.

eventually, four army drill instructors and the company commander would be brought up on charges. four have been convicted so far. -
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