s skippy the bush kangaroo

skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, May 13, 2005

unhoppy kangaroo blogging friday the 13th version

Posted by Hello hey...we're good little roos here...it's them guys over there that are bad...they're 2nd cousins twice removed...really.
kangaroo attacks in australia spotlight growing turf war

"roo mauling!" the headlines screamed after a 13-year-old boy was attacked by a
kangaroo as the boy looked for a lost golf ball on a green in grafton, australia.

urban myth? not this time.

the boy suffered facial wounds and cuts to his abdomen, back, and legs. the 9-foot-tall (1.5-meter-tall) kangaroo grabbed the boy as he was searching bushes on a new south wales golf course in 1996.

australia's supreme court eventually ordered the grafton district golf club to compensate the boy not only for his injuries but also for the emotional damage he suffered when schoolmates taunted him with the nickname "skippy" (a play on the hopping gait of kangaroos) after the incident. - national geographic

hey....do you think we could get money from mr. stewart for "taunting" us on national tv?
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