s skippy the bush kangaroo

skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, May 27, 2005

pusillanimity, noun: denoting a lack of valor; timidity (synonym: cowardice)...

on wednesday evening, the house of representatives voted on an amendment to the defense authorization bill submitted by democrat lynn woolsey (ca-6th). it was short and to the point:

it is the sense of congress that the president should:

(1) develop a plan as soon as practicable after the date of the enactment of this act to provide for the withdrawl of united states armed forces from iraq; and

(2) transmit to the congressional defense committees a report that contains the plan described in paragraph (1).

this was the first house bill calling on awol to draw up plans for an exit strategy from iraq. it was defeated by a 300-128 vote, with five members (four republicans, one democrat) not voting.

fortunately, woolsey insisted on a roll call vote, so now we have a much, much clearer idea of where each member of the house stands on getting our troops the hell out of iraq. five republicans wisely voted for the amendment: howard coble (nc-6th), john duncan (tn-2nd), jim leach (ia-2nd), ron paul (tx-14th) and walter "freedom fries" jones (nc-3rd). out of 201 democrats, however, 79 voted against it. 79.

my creature of congress, republican eric cantor (va-7th), voted against it, naturally. that didn't surprise me. but some of the democrats on the "noe" list... well...

if you want to know how your representative voted, here's the list...
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