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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

wild about harry

republicans refuse offer on judges - democratic plan sought withdrawal of some - senate republicans rejected a democratic offer to resolve an impasse over judicial nominees yesterday, as members of both parties said they are under strong pressure from interest groups to hold their ground.
how can we show harry our gratitude and affection? it is traditional, in many culturals, including this one, to show gratitude and affection by means of gifts – cash is an acceptable form of such gifts.

pudentilla thinks, and hereby pledges to give money to the democrats the day frist pulls the trigger on the nuclear option. to whom? hmm – how about howard dean’s dnc? that way, when frist leads the republican assault on american constitutional traditions, we can register our opposition to his shameful power grab by strengthening the ability of the democrats to resist his tyrannical tactics in time for the 2006 elections.

wouldn’t it be nice if all the famous bloggers in blogtopia (y!sctp!) like atrios, the suburban guerrilla, josh, echidne, kevin, the dcmedia girl and kos and, why, our very own skippy (and many others – you know who you are), got together and organized a "pledge drive for democracy" on the internets. they could set up permanent threads and encourage their readers to make pledges in the comment section and announce the totals on a daily basis . (this is just an example, the famous bloggers are really smart and may have better ideas about the format ). we think that they should also encourage their readers to make small denomination pledges – say $5 or $10 dollars – so that folks could and would eventually donate. we could have press releases and blogtopia (y!sctp!) media events – a kind of skippy hippy circus atmosphere that might with humor attract adherents to the humble cause of saving our democracy from the “reds.”

when the kitten killer pulls the trigger, the famous bloggers will provide their readers with the link to the dnc’s paypal account (maybe howard would set up a special account for the drive) and nudge us all to pay up. now, it’s entirely possible that frist’s tyrannical tactics will fail – that he won’t get the votes and the denizens of blogtopia (y!sctp!) will – in theory – be off the hook for all the dough they pledged. but it might be nice to contemplate, at that point, by way of a victory celebration, showing howard and harry our love anyway.

well that’s pudentilla’s modest proposal for the day. she pledges $50 bucks to the dnc the day that frist pulls the trigger. as the big dog liked to say, “i challenge you” to do the same. furthermore, she promises to personally pay for a booby prize for the last person who pays the pledge (we're contemplating zell miller's autobiography).

y!sctp! – yes! skippy coined the phrase!
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