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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, April 29, 2005

day 49...skippy finally makes "inside the blogs"!

yes! there is rejoicing throughout blogtopia (and yes! we coined that phrase) because, thanks to a heads up from our blog buddy the political moose, we learned that...wait for it...today skippy was mentioned on "inside the blogs"! today dear abbi said:

abbi tatton, cnn producer: now, liberal bloggers predictably picking up on bush's proposed changes to social security, payments to retirees. over to skippy the bush kangaroo, let me spell the url for you so you can get their yourself -- x-n-e-r-g.blogspot.com. on this idea of means testing that lots of liberal bloggers are talking about today. a good post here, isn't the problem with means testing that it would run the social security, a welfare rather than a retirement insurance program. and wouldn't that undermine the widespread demographic crossing support the program has enjoyed for decades?

we are glad that not only did abbi quote our blog, but also gave the world our url, which almost rhymes!
now we are forced to take back every single thing we ever said about abbi, jacki and judy. and, if you're as thrilled about this development in media journalism as we are, why not write the girls and thank them?
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