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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

at last, something the right and the left can agree on...coulter is ugly...

aside from annthrax's insistence that time used a fisheye lens for her cover photo, thus avoiding responsibility for a body shaped like a child's crayon drawing in kindergarden, there is talk on the internets (at least two of them) about annthrax's countenance in general.

since our letter to time's editor was posted by everyone except inside the blogs yesterday, links to it were popping up all over. one such link lead us back to the protest warriors forum, which has been blogged about before, most recently in investigating the young man who kicked a female demonstrator at the rnc.

the protest warriors, apparently, were also in the picture of communists for kerry, which started the whole linkage phenom. and, like anybody in their pajamas at a keyboard, they totally miss the thrust of our story to bring it back onto themselves and what they do (we are not judging...we do it all the time).

on the protest warriors forum, thepatriot writes "the leftie blogs are pissed" and adds links to us, wonkette and attytude. then lollygagr adds that "*snicker snicker* they just hate it when pw (protest warriors) get media attention!"

of course, they miss the whole point. we didn't even know the protest warriors were involved in the pic (which is pointed out by communistsforkerry, who says the pw's were just standing next to the commiesforkerry at the time). but, like we said, we not ones to complain about someone else taking a media story and making it about them. in fact, we majored in that in college!

but to our point: the erudite @$$ cut through the crap and got to it, saying something that needed to be said:

for the tenth time, laura ingram is a hot conservative woman, michelle malkin is a hot conservative woman, even condi rice, lately, is lookin' pretty sexy for her age. ann coulter, on the other hand, has man-hands and an adams apple the size of a newborn's head. she has more bones than skin and the only thing distinguishing her from a broomhandle is what may very well be a boob-job. and finally, as she becomes more and more of an on-air personality, she is more and more prone to putting her foot in her mouth (cbc). she is an excellent crafter of texts. she should staqy with her strengths.

and the protest warriors should staqy with theirs.
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