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Monday, March 07, 2005

"inside the blogs" sans skippy -- day 3

now we are getting really mad at jacki and abbi (with a lesser kind of anger directed towards judy), the gals at "inside politics" who do the static segment "inside the blogs."

everyone knows we sent them a letter asking them to mention more liberal blogs. and they did.

and the letter mentioned 3 specific blogs (as well as our own) they could mention: talkleft, eschaton and tom tomorrow.

we sent the letter last wednesday. they mentioned talkleft on thursday, and eschaton on friday (and they only spoke about liberal blogs on friday as well).

and what happened today? from the transcripts:

here at this modern world, this is tom tomorrow. he is a left- wing columnist and cartoonist. he's talking be about what he sees is the real issue, which is that, "american troops have authority to fire whenever they have reason to believe that they're under attack makes the following point: as was the case in vietnam, our troops often cannot tell friend from foe, which puts them in an untenable situation and gets a lot of innocent people killed."
that's right. 3 for 3. "inside the blogs" mentioned every single one of the sites we suggested, as well as a larger number of liberal blogs, just like we asked...except for our own!!!

who's running the segment? wonkette? jane galt? the guys at tapped? they don't link to us either!!

day 3..."inside blogs" without skippy.

the legend continues...
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