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Saturday, March 12, 2005

the encyclopedia muldarscullia

shakespeare's sister brings up a good point: that actual facts are so rare a commodity in today's media, when someone attempts to dig for them, they are invariably labeled a tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist:

conspiracies are, by their definition, covert, and so perhaps by their surrender to the administration’s wishes of unquestioning compliance, the media have made many of the bush gang’s machinations conspiracies. they have also made themselves useful tools in a far-reaching propaganda campaign; the reluctance to comment on the accuracy of any of the administration’s claims shows no less a disdain for the truth than those who made the fallacious claims in the first place. propaganda works best, after all, when it comes under the guise of objectivity, and commandeering the perceived objectivity of the media through intimidation was an integral part of the administration’s strategy. quietly and slowly relinquishing that objectivity was demonstrative of the media’s acquiescence to fulfilling the role of covert propagandists, and instigated both the general mistrust of any media source and the phenomenon of relegating truth-seekers to the realm of conspiracy theorists.
we are reminded of greg palast, when investigating the international data base techonology's role in disenfranchising florida voters in 2000, who gave the story to cbs. how did cbs fact-check his claims? they called jeb bush, who said, not true, and cbs dropped it.

yeah, the media is sooooo liberal.
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