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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

cnn presents "inside the (conservative) blogs"

we don't know if you've been watching judy woodruff's inside politics for the past couple of weeks. if not, we'll save you the trouble.

judy has begun airing a new segment on her show called "inside the blogs." during this small 2 minute piece, "blog reporter" jacki schechner and producer abbi tatton sit at two computers and read blogs. that's right. they sit there and read blogs. out loud.

yes, it's everything that television was meant to be. it's almost as entertaining as watching don imus do his radio show.

the very first time "inside the blogs" appeared was february 14 (ahhh...valentines day! this whole thing reminds us of grade school, getting those pity cards from the nice girl in class). howie kurtz actually spoke about blogs, along with "blog reporter" jacki schechner, and there was no designation of "inside the blogs." getting an offical title didn't happen until february 16. abbi tatton didn't start making a regular appearance until the next day, feb. 17.

aside from being even more static and ponderous than the usual screeching head segment, the approach of "inside the blogs" leaves two things to be desired. first of all, they never mention us (which is puzzling, considering how much their colleague daryn kagan loves us, even if she misquotes us).

but mainly, and, hold on to your seats now, because we're sure that the following will come as a shock to you, but during the past 15 days, "inside the blogs" has mentioned, quoted, or otherwise referenced literally twice as many conservative blogs as liberal blogs. and that's with the widest possible definition of 'liberal' we can use with a straight face. let's look at the facts:

[ed. note: unfortunately for us, 'looking at the facts' means looking at the transcripts, which often put us at a disadvantage. where we could sometimes discern what those cnn transcribers were trying to say, such as "daily kos" for "daily cause," we were downright stuck at some sentences, as for instance, when asked how they picked the blogs they looked at, jacki replied "we go to (unintelligible) which tops the links." we're not sure what the url of (unintelligble) is.]

our interns poured through the transcripts of inside politics and documented every mention of every blog during this new segment since feb. 14, and the results are clear:
  • mentions of conservative blogs: 54
  • mentions of liberal blogs: 29
to even count that many liberal occurences, we have to cut cnn some wide slack on definitions. here are our parameters:

jacki has labeled andrew sullivan as "centrist" (march 1). sorry, but we steadfastly count sully as a con. (we guess that in cnn's view, if you're a gay republican who's actually out of the closet, you're a centrist.)

jacki calls jeff jarvis's buzz machine as liberal (feb. 28). so does jeff himself. in our opinion, anyone that reads instapundit on an hourly basis, and has more conservative than liberal links on their blogroll is suspect when they wear the "lefty" tag, but for the sake of as much balance as we can squeeze out of this exercise, we'll call buzz machine a lefty site.

we have to assume that jacki's mention of the "brad log" is a reference to brad de long's site, an obviously liberal blog, and the "columbia journal review" is the blog formerly known as the "campaign desk" at cjr's site . we count them, as well as jay rosen's press think as liberal, though both sites are more concerned with how the media operates than political agenda.

we also spot jacki and abbi wonkette on the liberal side, though the only thing liberal about ana marie is her doses of snark.

to be honest, "inside the blogs" have mentioned three aggregator blogs, which we count as neither right nor left, and our blog buddy joe gandelman's moderate voice, which we count as, well, moderate. there were also four blogs we either never heard of or couldn't find, so we didn't include them in the mix.

still, with 6 references each of captains quarters and vodka pundit, 4 mentions of instapundit and whizbang, the calling of little green footballs as one of the "blogstars" and the powerline blog as a "very important blog" ( feb. 17), it seems that the conservative total of 54 far outpaces the measly 29 mentions of the liberal sites. granted, dkos got referenced a whopping 8 times, but that leaves a sorry 21 times for all the other liberals (including wonkette, jay rosen and jeff jarvis). one mention of atrios! none whatsoever of tom tomorrow, jeralyn merritt, eric alterman, jerome armstrong, max sawicky, annatopia, billmon, david neiwert, nathan newman, jeanne d'arc, dave johnson, or the gang at tapped or first draft or corrente. or even skippy!

but, what are we surprised at? that cnn gives twice as much time to conservatives as liberals? please. what were we expecting?

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