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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, March 20, 2005

the head of britain's foreign intelligence agency told the prime minister, tony blair, that the case for war in Iraq was being "fixed" by washington to suit united states policy, according to a new bbc documentary.

nine months before hostilities began in march 2003, richard dearlove, head of mI6, briefed mr blair and a group of ministers on the us's determination to begin the invasion, says the program, which was due to be aired last night.

after attending a briefing in washington, mr dearlove told the meeting that "the facts and intelligence" were being "fixed round the policy" by the bush administration.

the allegations against mr blair just weeks before an expected general election are likely to reopen a feud between the government and the bbc. The two fell out last year over allegations by a bbc reporter that britain "sexed up" the case for war.

the documentary argues that mr blair had signed up to follow president george bush's plans for "regime change" in Iraq as early as april 2002. -
sydney morning herald

on the second anniversary of the iraq war, panorama reveals how several of the claims he (blair) made in public during the build up to the war - and afterwards - conflict with what we now know was going on behind the scenes, as evidenced for instance by government officials and documents. - bbc panorama and transcript of the show.

'the allegation that i lied to the country is itself the real lie' - blair (29 january 2004)

the timeline of blair's "immenent" downfall. - the guardian

one soon to go down....a few more to go...
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