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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, March 05, 2005

behold the mighty power that is skippy the bush kangaroo!

the story so far: judy woodruff's "inside the blogs" segment on her cnn "inside politics" show has, as we pointed out, referenced conservative blogs 2:1 over liberal blogs.

we sent her a letter with three requests:

1) quote more liberal blogs;

2) take a look at tom tomorrow, eschaton, and talkleft (our examples of popular liberal blogs); and

3) mention us.

we sent the letter on wednesday. and what happened?

from "inside the blogs" transcript, thursday, march 3:

abbi tatton, producer: another story that we really like today, just quickly, this is on talk left, this is about mayor oscar goodman. this is linked all over the place. now, goodman was talking to a group of fourth graders at a school earlier this week, and was asked the question, "mayor, if you marooned on a desert island, what would you like to have with?" he answered a bottle of gin. so, here, at talk left, we're with oscar on this one.
from "inside the blogs" transcript, friday, march 4:

jacki schechner, cnn blog reporter: went over to eskaton (ph), where atrius (ph) say, "i'm glad the democrats have realized that greenspan is part of the problem." they are weighing in on this all over the place.

tatton: over here to daily kos, the guys there at daily kos have a call to arms on this. "we should hunt down anything greenspan has ever written, said or done that reflects poorly on him." though they do go as far as saying this is not a call for a smear campaign.

not everyone on the left there agreeing on this one. some saying it's a little bit too late. "long, long overdue, " says the american street (ph) hereā€¦

schechner: we went over to americablog.org today, and just moments ago found out about this article in the "portland tribune" saying that they did not sell this photo [of the gay couple to usanext for their anti-aarp ad].
that's right! a mention of talkleft on thursday, and only lefty blogs discussed on friday, including eschaton! (as carl ballard pointed out in our comments section, tom tomorrow is on hiatus, so there is no point in quoting him till he comes back). and this all happened after our scathing letter demanding such!

on your knees, main stream media, and tremble before the awesome power that is skippy the bush kangaroo!

now, if they only mentioned our blog...oh well, two out of three ain't bad.
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