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Monday, February 28, 2005

you know how to whistle, don't you? you just put your lips together and blow

the kids from the daily cookie send us this piece from the nation, in which it's discovered that the office of special council is purging itself of employees who dissent.

it's been an inauspicious start for scott bloch, head of the government's office of special counsel (osc), the agency charged with protecting federal whistleblowers. after moving from the justice department's office of faith-based initiatives in january 2004, bloch suggested that federal employees could essentially be fired for being gay. then, directly contradicting his organization's purpose, bloch complained of "leakers" within the osc and issued a gag order for employees. in a speech last fall bloch admitted he knew little about the counsel's work before bush nominated him. now he's pushing forward a controversial agency "reorganization" plan that watchdogs liken to a purge.

under bloch's orders, 20 percent of the counsel's legal and investigative team will be
fired or relocated. with no prior consultation, bloch ordered twelve employees to transfer from washington to oakland, dallas or the newly-opened detroit field office. senior staff were given only ten days to agree to the transfer and sixty days to move. as a result, seven employees quit, one retired and four agreed to relocate. the project on government oversight labeled the decision "a purge to stifle dissent and re-staff the agency with handpicked loyalists."
if nothing else, you gotta love the irony!
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