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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

full dislosure...skippy has worked for "the man"

all the hoo-ha seems to have died down over the hugh hewitt screaming about how markos and jerome worked for dean without telling anybody (except, of course, the people that actually read their blogs) and that somehow this is a breach of blogging ethics.

we at skippy international are actually quite surprised to learn that there were blogging ethics. after reading little green footballs, we thought that there were no ethics whatsoever in blogtopia (ethically we are forced to admit that yes! we coined that phrase!), but apparently every other blog around here has been discussing this non-story for the past week, so here is our take.

for some unknown reason (and it certainly couldn't be because television/radio pundit armstrong williams was caught taking taxpayer money from awol to promote no child left behind), suddenly radio ranter hugh hewitt decided to hold markos moulitsas of dkos and jerome armstrong of mydd to some incredibly vague standards that nobody ever held him (or his partner in meme-spreading, bill o'reilly) to. and the wall street journal, that bastion of balanced reporting, took up the story.

(you must subscribe to the wsj online to read it, so we won't bother to link you to it. you can gather its content by reading all the other links we've provided. think of it kind of like a game of clue...it's william mcgurn in the library with a candlestick!)

so now, apparently if a blogger worked for somebody they wrote about, that's a breach of ethics, even if they disclosed that working relationship. it's ok if carl cameron never pointed out on faux that his wife was on awol's campaign staff. it's ok if robert novak outed a covert cia operative to get back at a perceived enemy of awol. it's ok that britt hume plays tennis with bush senior on a regular basis. it's ok if o'reilly eats falafels (ok, that had nothing to do with the subject at hand, but he's a sleazy sumabitch, ain't he?). but now suddenly the bloggers are supposed to be ethical?

newsflash: bloggers ain't journalists. (a) they aren't paid to blog, with a couple of exceptions, and (b) they aren't responsible for investigating the news. they are just expressing their ideas.

but, just to be safe, we at skippy international are now ready to disclose all the potential conflict of interests that skippy has.

that's right. we admit it. skippy has worked for the man.

skippy once worked in a bank.

skippy once worked in the fast food industry.

skippy once worked in the administrative department of a hospital.

skippy once worked for a contractor to a los angeles county transportation agency.

skippy once worked for another bank.

skippy once worked for a union lawyer.

skippy once worked for a corporate lawyer (the union lawyer was scarier).

skippy once worked for an insurance firm.

skippy once worked in a cafeteria at a semi-large veterinary university.

skippy once worked for a large detroit automotive company.

skippy once worked for yet another bank.

skippy once worked for (yuck!) clear channel.

skippy once worked at disneyland (as sam in the golden horseshoe saloon review).

mostly, skippy has been unemployed.

skippy once was on food stamps.

skippy has often received unemployment benefits.

skippy thinks that if you no longer have a financial relation with someone, there is no conflict of interest.

skippy thinks hugh hewitt needs publicity for his latest book.
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