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Sunday, December 26, 2004

so tsunami me

we are still reeling over the death toll in the indonesian earthquake and following tidal waves.

abcnews tells us that so far almost 12,000 people have been killed:

legions of rescuers spread across asia monday after an earthquake of epic power struck deep beneath the indian ocean, unleashing 20-foot tidal waves that ravaged coasts across thousands of miles and killed nearly 11,800 people and left millions homeless.

the death toll along the southern coast of asia and as far west as somalia, on the african coast, where nine people were reported lost steadily increased as authorities sorted out a far-flung disaster caused by sunday's 9.0-magnitude earthquake, strongest in 40 years and fourth-largest in a century.

more than one million people were driven from their homes in indonesia alone, and rescuers there on monday combed seaside villages for survivors. the indian air force used helicopters to rush food and medicine to stricken seashore areas.

another million were driven from their homes in sri lanka where some 25,000 soldiers and 10 air force helicopters were deployed in relief and rescue efforts, authorities said.
anyone interested in extending the christmas spirit to the victims of nature's wrath can contribute to save the children, which is setting up a relief fund for this disaster. send your contributions to

asia earthquake/tidal wave relief fund
54 wilton road,
westport, ct
addendum: joe gandelman of the moderate voice links to several first-hand accounts of the tsunami found on various asian blogs, and this dkos diary by costra nostradamus links several other relief agencies and funds to help those whose lives were destroyed by this terrible catastrophe.
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