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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

how much is that drug in the window?
how much does a tylenol cost? In california, that depends on what hospital you're in.

at some california hospitals, a tablet of tylenol, or its generic version, acetaminophen, is billed at $5 or $5.50. others charge $7, or even $9, for a single pill. one los angeles hospital charges just 12 cents a tablet, while at a few facilities it's free. the retail price of brand-name tylenol is about eight or nine cents each. the generic goes for a nickel or less.

...prices for percocet or its generic version are all over the map in california. the painkiller is listed at $26.79 per pill at sutter general, a unit of sutter health, a nonprofit chain based in sacramento. it costs $11.44 at scripps in san diego, but $6.50 at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles. at doctors medical center in modesto: $35.50 per pill.

who will be asked to pay these list prices? almost nobody except uninsured patients, says mr. mcgowan. "these are the people who are handed a bill for these astronomical amounts," he says.

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