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Friday, December 03, 2004

family values

blue lemur/raw story has gotten permission from hustler to reprint their investigative piece about what the repubbbs did in new york during their convention...and they did the kind of stuff you'd expect to find in the pages of hustler:

the piece, titled “the gop does gotham,” tracks a seamy texas energy lobbyist from one republican gala to another, noting his drunken passes all the while.

“harold b. green was swaying drunk by the time i arrived at the party. he took one look at me and immediately fell into a sulk,” bartosiewicz pens. “i told you, no bra, no panties,” he said, only through his wine-thickened texas drawl it came out more like, “aah told-d-d you-u-u, no braw, no pa-a-anties.”

bartosiewicz, she asserts, is the quintessential republican.

“here was their archetype, the sweaty, fat-nosed lobbyist harold green, who long ago absorbed the lessons of crony capitalism and understood to his core that the republican national convention was about sex, power and nothing else,” she says.

“harold told me he had a family, and claimed he’d slept with 50 “young” women in the past five years,” she adds later. “(just the kind of family man championed by his buddy tom delay, the born-again christian who once said, ‘a woman can take care of the family. it takes a man to provide structure—to provide stability.’)”
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I have a date tonight with Harold Green. I am not kidding.

He's married?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:33 AM PDT  
He is in Washington, DC right now with me!! Not joking...
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