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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

the ol' skippy mailbag

here's the thanksgiving edition of the skippy mailbag:

the samuel taylor coleridge foundation points out that the u.s. is the only country on the arctic nations council gumming up the works to take any action on the global warming study they commissioned.

seeing the forest warns that the latest from drudge and o'reilly about the poor teacher banned from praying is totally false.

here's a new page of cartoons (always welcome at skippy international), this one focusing on progressive causes: freedomtoons.org.

cowboy kahil of the american street sends us a few links about the ohio vote: an overview from truthout, a bit from olbermann, a recommendation for the blogs votelaw and electionlaw and electionlaw @ moritz (college) and electiononline, plus the latest from everyone's favorite pain in the bulldog, bev harris.
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