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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it's funny because it's true (part ii)

more emails from the daily cookie:

the center for disease control in atlanta has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of sexually transmitted disease. this disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior, and many citizens across the u.s. mysteriously and unexplainably contracted the malady on nov. 2nd; suspicions are that it was because so many people were in lines in close proximity to each other, but this is just a theory.

the disease is called "gonorrhea lecthim" (pronounced "gonna re-elect him").

many victims have contracted it after having been screwed by the bush-cheney administration for the past 4 years and failing to have taken adequate measures to protect themselves in voting booths.

please be careful. the only way to avoid infection is to have voted for kerry. if you didn't, god help you. there's no cure and the symptoms worsen for four years.
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