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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

fearless leader

blue lemur/raw story tells us about an orlando billboard which simply states "george w. bush: our leader." apparently the billboard is owned and operated by - you guessed it! - clearchannel:

a billboard recently put up in orlando bearing a smiling photograph of president bush with the words “our leader” is raising eyebrows among progressives who feel the poster is akin to that of propaganda used by tyrannical regimes.

raw story confirmed the billboard’s existence monday evening. at our behest, a member of an orlando media organization drove past the billboard on two occasions and verified that it was indeed the one pictured.

the billboard pictured, which is on i-4, says that it is a “political public service message brought to you by clear channel outdoor.”

the member, who declined to be named out of concern for their employer, discovered a second billboard bearing the same image along the same route, paid for by charles w. clayton jr…

one orlando resident penned a concerned letter to the (registration-restricted) orlando sentinel on saturday about the billboard. as the site is restricted to members, the letter appears below.

“the first thing i thought was, when was the last time i have seen a president on a billboard?” wrote resident dianna lawson. “didn’t saddam hussein have his picture up everywhere? what next, a statue?”
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