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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, November 19, 2004

denial ain't just a pun about a river in egypt

the kids at the daily cookie refer us, through spin of the day to a consortium news piece which analyzes awol's penchant for retribution against those who point out reality (in this case, certain employees of the cia):

now, however, with a fresh lease on four more years, bush is inflicting payback on the cia, especially its analytical division and its intelligence-gathering network, and on the state department, whose analysts also questioned bush’s middle east policies.

acting through new cia director porter goss, the bush administration read the riot act to langley’s intelligence professionals that they must get behind bush’s policies or get out. the demands have led to an exodus of senior cia officials, including deputy cia chief john e. mclaughlin and deputy director of operations stephen r. kappes.

bush then replaced secretary of state colin powell, who was pliable but at least known for protecting the department’s bureaucracy. powell’s successor is the famously compliant national security adviser condoleezza rice, bush’s ultimate “yes” woman who is so cozy with her boss that she once slipped up at a dinner party and referred to bush as “my husb…” before catching herself and replacing that with “president bush.”

the end result will almost surely be that bush will hear even fewer contradictions to his judgments, while congress and the news media will be cut off from internal government sources of information that could be used to question bush’s decisions.

the powerful conservative news media played an important role, too, in setting the stage for these ongoing purges. conservative columnists, including robert novak and david brooks, pushed the dubious claim that the cia’s only rightful role is to serve the president. they accused the cia of disloyalty in trying to sabotage bush.
yeah, that's it! reality is sabotaging awol! that's the ticket!

addendum: on slightly the same subject, this bob herbert op-ed from the nytimes (courtesy of dhinmi over at dkos) focuses specifically on condiverted rice as one of the main engines keeping awol from reality:

she and mr. bush developed a remarkable bond, and he made her his national security adviser. which was a problem. because all the evidence shows she wasn't very good at the job.

ms. rice's domain was the filter through which an awful lot of mangled and misshapen intelligence made its way to the president and the american people. she either believed the nonsense she was spouting about mushroom clouds, or she deliberately misled her president and the nation on matters that would eventually lead to the deaths of thousands.

secretary powell's close friend and deputy at the state department, richard armitage, viewed ms. rice's operation with contempt. in his book "plan of attack," bob woodward said mr. armitage "believed that the foreign-policy-making system that was supposed to be coordinated by rice was essentially dysfunctional."

in october 2003, the president, frustrated by setbacks in iraq, put ms. rice in charge of his iraq stabilization group, which gave her the responsibility for overseeing the effort to quell the violence and begin the reconstruction in iraq.

we see from recent headlines how well that has worked out.
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