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Thursday, November 18, 2004

blogging etiquette

skippy was in a particularly foul mood when he received a second email from a new blogger asking for a spot on skippy's blogroll.

skippy sent off a rather terse note telling the blogger (ryan thibodaux of higher pie productions) to quit bugging him, and we'd put his blog on our roll when we had some time.

skippy also mentioned a piece about blogging etiquette that atrios wrote a couple of months ago. we couldn't find it in the archives, so we paraphrase (badly, which is, after all, the only way to paraphrase):

the way to get on people's blogrolls is simple. write good stuff. and the way to write good stuff is to just write. a lot. all the time. post several times a day. take a position and stick to it. folks will notice you. people will begin to refer to your blog, and then eventually you will be read enough that folks will voluntarily put you on their blogrolls.

but that's not the reason we write this bit about bad blogging etiquette. no, we mention the whole thing because skippy himself is guilty.

there is never an excuse for sending rude emails. it is easy enough to re-read what one has written, and then hit "delete," when one has dashed off something thoughtless and grumpy. the kid was just trying to make a connection with someone (us) whose writing he enjoyed. it surely wasn't his fault that skippy was having a relatively bad day.

for this, all of us at skippy international are truly sorry. there is enough anger and rudeness out there without bloggers snipping at each other. there is never an excuse for rudeness, even in pseudononymous emails.

ryan, please accept our apologies for being short with you. we will put you on the roll soon, we promise.

and keep writing.
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