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Friday, October 15, 2004

there's something about mary - a skippy rant

the cheneys are all a'twitter with a case of the vapors because john kerry pointed out the public knowledge that their daughter mary is a - gasp! - lesbian. nypost:

vice president dick cheney, calling himself an "angry father," yesterday blasted john kerry for mentioning that cheney's daughter is gay during the presidential debate.

"you saw a man who will do and say anything to get elected," cheney said at a rally in florida. "and i am not just speaking as a father here, although i am a pretty angry father."

cheney told a local tv station, "i thought it was totally inappropriate."
those are some pretty big crocadile tears there, mr. cheney, considering you publicly thanked john edwards during the vp debate for saying pretty much the exact same thing:

"i think the vice president and his wife love their daughter. i think they love her very much. and you can't have anything but respect for the fact that they're willing to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter, the fact that they embrace her," edwards said. "it's a wonderful thing."

offered a chance to challenge the democrat, cheney replied: "let me simply thank the senator for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter. i appreciate that, very much."
this is exactly what kerry said during the debate:

answering a question at wednesday's debate about whether homosexuality is a choice, kerry said, "if you were to talk to dick cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as."
so what's the big deal? there are a few points to be made here.

first of all, mary cheney is a big girl now, big enough to take care of herself. when howard fineman says "but do you like one who mentions someone else’s child to make a nasty political point," we say, mary's not a child, doofus. she's an adult.

(what's with the repubbb tendency to make people younger than they are? next thing you know, mary cheney will be an unborn child, needing protection.)

she's a grown woman. she's a political activist who works openly for gay issues. and she to likes dig clams, what's the big deal?

it's only an issue if being gay is an issue, and being gay is only an issue for repubbbs. gary "i can't flip a pancake" bauer, head of the christians against common decency or something or other, said it's a big political ploy:

i think it is part of a strategy to suppress traditional-values voters, to knock 1 or 2 per cent off in some rural areas by causing people to turn on the president," said gary bauer, a conservative christian who ran for president four years ago.
well, gee, gary, live by the bigoted hatred, die by the bigoted hatred.

secondly, for lynne cheney to say john kerry is "not a good man" for talking about lesbians is rather like bill o'reilly lecturing kobe bryant on decency. remember the lesbo love novel "sisters" that lynne wrote many a year ago?

and the advocate offers its own theory as to why lynne got so upset. she herself was "outed":

long before she was working full-time for her dad, mary cheney was earning a handsome living as the gay liaison between coors brewing and the glbt community. mary’s dad has been acknowledging her sexuality on the campaign trail. and after dick cheney debated john edwards last week, mary—as well as her partner, heather poe—came out onstage with the rest of the cheney family…

so you have to figure lynne cheney’s lashing out at kerry comes from one of two guilty places—one sad, the other ugly. despite what her educated mind tells her, does lynne, like so many of her generation, feel that she and dick failed somehow, and that’s why mary likes girls? does she secretly fear that she, lynne, carried the sapphic dna?

or are the guilt and anger fresher than that? is it that lynne cheney herself was outed last night—as a mother who’s spent a long career putting her daughter second to her own political advancement?
finally, let's assume for the sake of argument...oh, ok, we'll be honest...let's assume for the sake of snarky ranting, that the repubbbs have a point, and that talking about the sexual orientation of a candidate's adult son or daughter is bad, bad taste.

fine. but if john kerry is guilty of bad taste for simply stating that mary cheney is a lesbian who is happy with what she is, then with what do we charge alan keyes?

in an interview with 365gay.com editorialist and the host of his own sirius outq radio, michaelangelo signorile, alan keyes said that homosexuality is "selfish hedonism." signorile then asked keyes, the gop candidate for the us senate in illinois, whether he considered mary cheney is a "selfish hedonist."

"of course she is," keyes replied. "that goes by definition. of course she is."
there's no way around it. the gop has painted itself into a corner by demanding that gays are second-class, even sinful, citizens. so when the dems say gays are equal, the repubbbs have to either step up to the plate and agree, or admit that their actual (and bigoted) position.

if the strap on fits, wear it!
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