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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


the blue lemur/raw story has discovered that sinclair broadcasting, the network of stations promising to air the anti-kerry moonie rant "stolen honor" is a major investor in a company recently awarded a major military contract:

jadoo power systems, inc., a producer of portable power systems, announced sept. 28 that it had been awarded a contract to supply its products, which are used for covert surveillance operations, to us special operations command. according to the socom website, socom “plans, directs, and executes special operations in the conduct of the war on terrorism.”

jadoo, a folsom, california company, is “a wholly owned subsidiary of sinclair broadcast group, inc. as well as other individuals.”
can you say "conflict of interest," boys and girls?

on the same subject (rich repubbbs owning the airwaves and thusly forcing their opinions down everyone's throats), the kids at the daily cookie sends us this quote from sinclair's mark hyman:

however, the accusations coming from terry mcauliffe and others, is it because they are some elements of this that may reflect poorly on john kerry? that it's somehow an in-kind contribution of george bush?

if you use that logic and reasoning, that means every car bomb in iraq would be an in-kind contribution to john kerry. weak job performance ratings that came out last month would have been an in- kind contribution to john kerry. and that's just nonsense.

this is news. i can't change the fact that these people decided to come forward today. the networks had this opportunity over a month ago to speak with these people. they chose to suppress them. they chose to ignore them. they are acting like holocaust deniers, pretending these men don't exist.
comparing the networks which dismissed this film as op-ed instead of news to holocaust-deniers is a great way to get the jewish vote, mark!

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