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Friday, October 29, 2004

score one for the good guys

jerome armstrong, over at mydd, does a fine job analyzing how the repubbbs got their come-uppance when they tried to challenge thousands of newly-registered democratic voters.

it seems the ohio gop sent the new voters registered mail, and when the voters refused to sign for it (as many did), the mail was returned. it was based upon that returned mail that the repubbbs filed challenges, on the premise that those new voters obviously didn't "live" at those addresses, because they didn't accept the mail.

well, the summit county board of elections not only threw out all these bogus challenges, they also intimated that the repubbbs who signed the false challenges could be brought up on felonly charges.

the summit county board of elections abruptly threw out 976 challenges of voter eligibility by the republican party today after barbara miller, the challenger, revealed that she did not have any personal information about the eligibility of any of the challenged voters.

instead, miller said that her challenges were based on a list of "undeliverable mail" given to her by the republican party. the list was based on a gop mailing sent to registered voters throughout the state of ohio.

after miller presented this as her evidence, russell pry, summit county election board member, told her that she could be indicted for signing a sworn challenge without any personal knowledge about the eligibility of the voters. miller's reaction was to plead the fifth amendment.
jerome has the transcripts of the hearing. it's wonderful to see a real world example of the old saw: cheaters never prosper!

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