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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

spread this meme or we'll shoot this blog!

we at skippy international are often confused by world events, and these last few weeks are no exception.

however, something that is totally beyond us is why the great piece of music that we touted earlier this week has not taken the left side of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) by storm.

rx of the partyparty put together awol's own words and set them to music, creating a haunting rendition of john lennon's imagine (with a little of "walk on the wild side" thrown in, mostly, we imagine, no pun intended, because rx couldn't get awol to sing that really high "wee-heeee-haaay" glissando before the "you may say that i'm a dreamer" line).

we even went so far as to whore for hits by sending our post to everyone on our bloggy email list. and actually, only madkane and holden caufield of first draft responded (and even then, we don't think they actually plugged the bit on their blogs, the fiends).

we are sorely disappointed. this piece of music is brilliant. even the novelty of awol singing about peace aside, the medley of the two songs is arranged so cleverly (who knew the sliding bass line of "wild side" would work under the lyrics to "imagine"?) that we are hard pressed to explain why we are the only ones in blogtopia (y!wctp!) that are going ga ga over it.

you may say that we're just dreamers.

addendum: thanks to our whining, the lovely pudentilla of pundetilla's perspective and the indefatigable dave johnson of seeing the forest have both blogged about this melody that haunts us like a beautiful woman from the past.

good on ya, pudentilla and dave! 'preciate it!

double addendum: and a big thanks to the old fashioned patriot and rodger a. payne and froth slosh b'gosh for posting the song (and mad kane says she also plans to, soon).

keep it up, blogtopia! but we're not the only ones!
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