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Sunday, September 26, 2004

extra, extra, dead trees media snub skippy again!

two interesting dead trees media articles appeared on the opposite sides of the country recently. both concern blogs, and both fail to mention ours.

we can't expect the nytimes to know everything. they do mention the kos, jerome armstrong, atrios, and jess of pandagon (and include a rather dirty-old-man leering picture of jack germond and r.w. apple staring down wonkette's dress), so we forgive their lack of publicity for our own humble blog (besides, we didn't actually cover the rnc, which is what the story is about, so we do give them credit for sticking to reality this time).

but since the latimes article was written by billmon, who at last is back from his respite, we are a bit hurt.

recently, however, i've watched the commercialization of this culture of dissent with growing unease. when i recently decided to take a long break from blogging, it was for a mix of personal and philosophical reasons. but the direction the blogosphere is going makes me wonder whether i'll ever go back.

even as it collectively achieves celebrity status for its anti-establishment views, blogging is already being domesticated by its success. what began as a spontaneous eruption of populist creativity is on the verge of being absorbed by the media-industrial complex it claims to despise.

in the process, a charmed circle of bloggers — those glib enough and ideologically safe enough to fit within the conventional media punditocracy — is gaining larger audiences and greater influence. but the passion and energy that made blogging such a potent alternative to the corporate-owned media are in danger of being lost, or driven back to the outer fringes of the internet.
oh, boo-frickin'-hoo,billmon! first of all, it's "blogtopia," not "blogosphere," and yes! we coined that phrase!

and secondly, billmon, we've sold out as much as anybody! didn't daryn "i love you rush" kagan recently mention us on cnn live today? isn't that a sell-out? so why not include us in the list of blogs you don't want to ever read again?

also, aren't you yourself "selling out" by writing this in a dead trees organ, instead of posting it on whiskey bar?

ahhhhh, get a diary...
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