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Saturday, August 21, 2004

shifty boat debunked

eveyone else in blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is doing such a good job of debunking the shifty boat liars that we've decided just to link to their work, instead of doing it ourselves.

knight ridder cites military records supporting kerry's version of the events.

chicago tribune editor william rood, himself a swift boat captain during the same event, gives his version, and denounces the shifty boat liars (you may have to register!)

david corn deconstructs larry thurlow's contention that kerry presented his own evidence to get his medal.

oliver willis does a great job keeping up on all the debunking.

the seattle times profiles bob perry, the repubbb contributor bankrolling the shifty boat efforts.

digby discovers that one of the shifty boat veterans on the anti-kerry ad actively works for the awol-dick 04 campaign.

the latimes reports that kerry is filing a complaint with the fec that awol is coordinating with the shifty boat boys, which is against federal election laws.

addendum: thanks to pacific john at the gropinator, we also direct your attention to the eriposte page with a far more comprehensive listing of debunking links and articles.
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