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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, August 21, 2004

blogging around

liberal oasis gives a recounting of the town hall meeting on cnn in the battleground buckeye state of ohio.

left i on the news brings us up to date on what's happening in venezuelan elections.

roger ailes points out alan keyes is losing badly in the polls.

the democratic veteran tells us about ted kennedy's problems with homeland security while trying to get an airline ticket.

annie's annals gives her on-the-ground view of a kerry rally in oregon.

blah 3 prints a letter from a real swift boat veteran.

talkleft tells us colorado is considering splitting that state's electoral votes.

winning argument gives us the winning argument proving that awol does not support the troops.

jon's mind points out the iraqi olympic soccer team doesn't want to be grist for awol's publicity mill.

our arch enemy, ayn clouter, tells us about the latest sitcom on al jazeera tv.

the daily cookie keeps us up on the awol campaign official who resigned because of questions about his alleged affair with a student while he was teaching at fordham university.
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