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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

bill schneider is an *ssh*le

sorry, our headline writer was totally unable to think of a clever line for this.

we were watching cnn live today today, and betty "i'm not daryn kagen" nguyen sent the mic over to cnn's resident windbag bill schneider for a bit of background on the 527 flap.

if anybody had any doubt about bill's political leanings, today's explanation would certainly put it to rest.

yes, well, the most famous example right now is the swift boat veterans group, which is a group that was organized among veterans of the vietnam war who had grievances with john kerry and are infuriated that he's running for president, because a lot of them were angered over his testimony about atrocities when he came back from vietnam and have harbored those grudges for years.

...that was a group of veterans. some republican activists helped organize that group, but again, because it wasn't directly coordinated with the bush/cheney campaign, we're not -- there's no indication that what they did was illegal.

others include george soros -- an anti-bush activist on the left who's very, very rich, who has given a lot of money to groups like moveon.org -- and the media fund. they are running ads against president bush.
bill characterized the "shifty boat veterans" as a group of veterans. salute the flag, folks, these guys fought for our country! this 527 must be patriotic! oh yes!

notice that bill says that "some republican activists helped organize" this 527, but "there's no indication" that they're doing something illegal.

however, bill fails to make that legal distinction abut the left. he singles out george soros ("who's very, very rich"), and connects him to moveon.org, who are "running ads against president bush."

the implication is clearly this: the right's 527 are grass roots, from hard working veterans, who just happened to get some help from "activists" who aren't doing anything illegal

but the left is funded, and indeed propelled into existence, by nasty millionaires who want to get their point of view into the national debate.

once again, the right has turned the truth completely around. war is peace. up is down. freedom is slavery.

millionaire-funded organizations are grass roots, and grass roots are millionaire-funded organizations.

bill failed to mention bob perry, the millionaire repubbb contributor who is the main source of funds for the shifty boat veterans. he also failed to mention that that 527 came into being specifically for this campaign, and is organized by a handful of high-powered repubbb operatives, with many connections to the administration.

bill also failed to mention that moveon.org has been in existence for several years, and gets the majority of its funds from small donors like you and us.

so, once again, the media hides facts embarrassing to its agenda, and makes up facts to prop it up.
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