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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

1000 protesters arrested today

the asspress (you may have to register) is reporting "nearly 1,000" protesters were arrested in nyc tuesday:

police wrapped demonstrators and an entire midtown manhattan block in orange netting tuesday to control anti-gop protests, arresting more than 400 people across the city as activists massed in the streets for marches to the site of the republican convention.

outside the new york public library, in the streets near the famed herald square and at the site of the fallen world trade center, demonstrators pointed themselves toward madison square garden and promised to get their message across that they want president bush out of office.

there were no immediate reports of violence, but it appeared by late evening that the planned march had deteriorated into blocks of human gridlock in several parts of the city.
luckily, nobody was arrested during the fox news shut-up-athon:

outside the fox news channel studios in midtown manhattan, police in riot gear used barricades to contain around 1,000 demonstrators staging a "shut-up-athon" to denounce what they called the network's right-wing slant. one woman held up a sign that read: "republicans are really stupid. they watch fox news and believe it." police said there were no arrests.
but we bet dick cheney wished he was in an undisclosed location last night:

police also announced the arrest of a 21-year-old yale student after he entered a restricted area near vice president dick cheney's booth at the convention monday night, coming within 10 feet of him and shouting anti-war and anti-bush statements. cheney was never in any danger, and no weapon was found on the man, authorities said.

outside the midtown hotel where texas delegates are staying, about two dozen protesters, depicting employees of "hallibacon," grunted through plastic pig snouts tuesday and wallowed in stacks of fake $100 bills bearing the images of bush and cheney.

the protesters accused cheney and halliburton, the company he once led, of profiting from the war in iraq and its aftermath. they chanted: "we love money. we love war. we love cheney even more."
who doesn't?

addendum: some of the above paragraphs are from an earlier version of this same story (when it was reported that over "400" had been arrested), but those words are now no longer at this url.

anyhow, you get the gist of it. folks got busted.
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