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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

skippy keeps cnn honest 
we are pleased as punch that daryn kagan, responding to our email to her story about bloggers (and their inability to check facts), mentioned skippy's site by name this morning on cnn live today.

skippy himself was in the kitchen making coffee and trying to wake up, when mrs. skippy, in the living room, shouted out "skippy the bush kangaroo!  she just said 'skippy the bush kangaroo'!"

at first we assumed cnn was doing a piece about 60's australian children shows, but we walked in to hear ms. kagan talking about the email skippy sent her.  ms. kagan said that skippy pointed out that broadcast media often make mistakes, too, and ms. kagan conceded it was a point well taken.

we appreciate ms. kagan's good natured mea culpa, and are thrilled she would mention our site by name (the google searches for "skippy the bush kangaroo" have hit the roof in the last hour).

but we must point out that that's not really what we said in our email.

what we said was, where would ms. kagan put herself on the scale of "not checking facts" and "rumor mongering" in light of her own misinformation reporting about the white house's accusation that dave letterman edited together a phony tape of a kid falling asleep behind awol's speech, when in fact it was completely above-board, real, and true.

however, at least ms. kagan admits broadcast media can make mistakes, even though she cleverly refused to mention herself by name.

and in the spirit of that, we admit bloggers can be snarky!
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