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Monday, July 26, 2004

more americans get their news from millionaires than any other place
yeow!  thanks to buzzflash's democratic convention blog, we get this list of the annual salaries for various news anchors:

 according to the book "news flash" (2004), by bonnie anderson, here are examples of some of the salaries that would be at risk if mainstream television news personalities told us the truth:
peter jennings  $10- 11 million
dan rather $7 million
tom brokaw $7 -8 million
katie couric $12-15 million
paula zahn $2 million
yikes!  guess we won't be seeing katie at the wal-mart anytime soon.

and we really don't want to offer an opinion about the others, but if paula zahn is worth $2 million, we've got a bridge we can sell cnn!
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