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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

for whom chris bell tolls
markos zuniga, aka the daily kos, who is blogging from the convention, had a great interview/talk with rep. chris bell, the texas democrat who courageously brought charges against tom "bugman" delay up to the house ethics committee (we say courageously, because not only is delay a bully and a user of strong-arm techniques, but chris broke the "truce" between parties on ethics charges delay and gephardt wambled into existance five years ago).

some interesting tidbits:

i want the committee to investigate the matter. it's all i ask. if [delay] has nothing to hide, then the investigation will show that," bell said. his staff have put together a thorough package dealing with abuse of power (involving the faa and homeland security in an effort to track the fleeing killer d's during the redistricting saga), the use of prohibited corporate money for state legislative battles in texas, and the exchange of legislative favors for campaign contributions (westar's perks in the energy bill). and they could've added more...

last week, a decision on the complaint was delayed 45 days. many of us saw it as a bad sign, but bell is actually encouraged. "they could've swept it under the carpet. i take it as a positive sign that they are taking the complaint seriously."

interestingly, while some republicans initially threatened retaliatory ethics complaints, they were quickly swatted down by the gop leadership. and indeed, the parties agreed that frivolous complaints would not only be swatted down quickly, but their filers would suffer sanctions. a good sign indeed.
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