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Friday, July 23, 2004

desperate times call for desperate repubbbs
mark morford, writing in the sfchron, wonders how far the repubbbs will go to steal the election this time:

there is a sense of lawlessness, of desperation, among the republican party right now. it is no longer a question of simply which party will run the show or which platform will have the most influence on policy. rather, it's about a radically polarized worldview: are we going to be an aggressive macho globally disrespected isolationist nation that has burned all bridges and molested all foreign relationships and mocked all global sympathy, or are we, as the gop wants you to believe, going to become some liberal namby-pamby country where gays can marry each other and sexually deviant women can have abortions every day and everybody speaks french?

because there is no middle ground. this is the gop message. you are either with us, or you are a terrorist. you are either on the side of the "patriotic," pro-war party of wmd lies and homophobia and violence toward the global community, or you're a liberal hippie 'nam protester like that jerknose kerry.

what else could they do to guarantee a november win? what are they capable of, in the wake of 2000's stolen election and the rigging of the florida recounts and a sneering, despoiled supreme court? just about anything, really. 

 how about a nice october surprise of suddenly finding osama somewhere in a remote cave in afghanistan, as the news media receives an "anonymous" delivery of a big glossy photo of dubya himself standing outside said cave in a manly flight suit and lookin' all tough in his cowboy boots and confused smirk as he waves an american flag in one hand and holds osama by a chain in the other? what, too obvious? 

 well, then, maybe something a bit more devious? how about the thousands of
electronic, touch-screen voting machines now installed in the nation's polling places, most every one manufactured by corporations run by staunch bush-supporting republicans and many of which don't allow for recounts or paper trails or any means of double checking their completely programmable results. an obvious recipe for election rigging? is that katherine harris, giggling through her botox?
(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to no more apples for the link!

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