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Monday, July 26, 2004

15 minutes of blogging fame
congrats to pandagon who had his web page prominently displayed on cnn this morning as daryn kagan discussed the phenomenon of bloggers at the convention, though ms. kagan seemed less than impressed concerning bloggers' record for "fact-checking." 

true, daryn, we're not as good as the national media when it comes to fact checking.  by the way, anybody find those wmd's yet?

addendum: over lunch one of our copy editors pointed out that it was daryn kagen who reported on air the white house claims that dave letterman had edited together a fake clip of a kid falling asleep during one of awol's speeches, when in fact it was a real, unedited clip, and cnn later claimed the white house never said anything about it to them.  fact checking, anyone?

here is the letter we sent to ms. kagan:

dear ms. kagan:

we watched your piece today on bloggers at the convention with great interest.

yet we detected from you a bit of, shall we call it, doubt, as to the veracity of what bloggers say.

perhaps it was when you mentioned that bloggers don't have to stick to "facts," insinuating that they spread rumors instead.

(no, it wasn't when you smirked and called the howard dean meeting with internet users a "love-fest."  we know you were just being playful).

here is what we want to know:

if bloggers are less worthy to be listened to because they don't "check facts," and instead "spread rumors," then where are you on that scale?

wasn't it you who reported on air that the white house claimed that david letterman edited a videotape of that young man falling asleep behind a george w. bush speech?

how hard did you check those facts?

and, as it turned out to be not true, could you not also be accused of "spreading rumors?"

we'd like to know.  please respond to our email address at ....
etc. etc.

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