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Friday, June 25, 2004

why doesn't msnbc start worrying about tv news being factual? - part 3

[ed. note: ok, we screwed up. this is part 3. part one immediately follows, so go read that one first. then part 2, right after that. then come back up here and read part 3. then do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.]

this one is our favorite. in "fact checking" fahrenheit 911, lisa myers makes a big deal about this "fact":

michael moore shows plenty of images of iraqi children suffering and hurt during and after the invasion. but, and get this...he doesn't show iraqi children suffering and hurt by saddam hussein! and that's a fact! lisa checked it!!

we are sorry, but when did "fact-checking" morph into "nedra picklering"?

the definition of "fact checking" (sorry, lisa, but since you used a dictionary to question moore's product, we assume the right to do the same with, or rather, "to," you). from the editorial services guide of the bay area editors' forum:

a fact checker does not make editorial changes, but simply verifies the accuracy of content as specified by the publisher. one client may request that the fact checker verify all statements, while another client may request the verification of addresses and trademarks only. the publisher specifies the degree of accuracy required.
so, nedra...er, we mean, lisa, the question is, was moore's statement of facts about the iraqi children's condition since the invasion correct? or not?

sure, he didn't talk about how they were during saddam hussein's regime. he also didn't talk about how they were under the third dynasty of ur, either. if moore's facts about the kids' conditions now are correct, you cannot say they aren't.

[ed. note: sure she can. she works for msnbc]

even worse, ms. myers takes to task moore's portrayl, or more accurately, showing footage, of awol sitting in the school room for seven minutes after the first plane hit the tower.

ms. myer thinks this is not a fact, because, as she said, the democratic (heavens! it must be true!) head of the 911 commission said he was glad awol stayed calm for those seven minutes.

ok. fine. good. we're glad he stayed calm, too. we just wish he that he had done something!! something besides reading my pet goat! and does moore.

ms. myers, see above. is moore lying when he shows footage (shot by the teacher in the classroom, not by moore) of awol sitting there?

lisa, lisa, lisa, the documentary has a point of view. that's a given. even the cinema verite documentaries like hospital and 7up have points of view (see our first post on this subject above).

you set out to question moore's facts, yet you dealt very little with any facts at all. when you addressed the few facts you did question, you failed to mention the reality of how moore presented them, instead relying on repubbb talking points.

lisa, how can you call yourself a journalist?

[ed. note: see our note above]
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