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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

say hello

to fountains of angst, who reminds us of the daily howler's take on gwen ifill's myersing* of f911:

but what were moore’s “allegations?” and what were those “different conclusions? despite calling the movie “over the top,” brownstein didn’t bother to say. meanwhile, clarke said on may 25 that he was the person who okayed those saudi flights (he said the opposite back in march). so according to brownstein, we’re supposed to be surprised when the man who okayed the flights says the flights were a-ok! of course, ifill—loving facts though she does—made no attempt to lay out the facts of this debate either. all we got was a current establishment script: moore’s film is over the top.

*myersing (noun, from the verb, to myers): to avoid debating facts immediately after stating you are going to debate the facts, (from lisa myers "fact-checking" of f911).

[ed.note: yes! we coined that phrase, too!]
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