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Thursday, June 24, 2004

moore news

the fec is being asked by some self-righteous wingnuts to decide if ads for f911 violate federal election laws. the asspress reports:

the conservative group citizens united is asking federal election officials to see if t-v ads for moore's anti-bush documentary "fahrenheit 9/11" violate campaign finance law…

citizens united says ads for the movie break laws regulating when commercials that are paid for with corporate money may feature a presidential candidate. they're banned from airing 30 days before a candidate's nominating conventions and 60 days before the november election.

moore says he'll fight the complaint, and some lawmakers are promising to help him. a ruling might not come for months.
if you want to help, you can call the fec yourself at 800 424-9530 and let them know your opinion!

(phone number courtesy of mitch2k2 at the dkos!)

but meanwhile, the sfchron muses that f911 might be very influential on young voters...and that could make the difference:

"it's not often you get a movie that's focused on a major election year issue ... and 'fahrenheit 9/11' is getting at the issues that young people care about -- in this case, the war in iraq and the war on terrorism,'' said jonathan zaff, president of "18 to 35,'' a nonpartisan organization based in washington, d.c., that tries to encourage first-time voters.

zaff said about one-third of younger voters are registered as nonpartisan -- a considerably higher percentage than among older voters. the themes of moore's film may particularly hit home with such viewers because "around 80 percent of frontline men and women (serving in iraq) are under the age of 35'' -- and they represent the lion's share of casualties there, he said.
the chron goes on to discuss the behind-the-scenes legal publicity and battles the film is enduring:

gop operatives and organizations, including a california-based group, move america forward, have begun lobbying efforts against moore's work. a key organizer, former gop assemblyman howard kaloogian, calls the film "propaganda'' and campaign material disguised as a documentary -- and has posted e-mail addresses of theater owners to urge supporters to demand they not air the film.

that has prompted opponents to complain that kaloogian's group is merely a front for the republican party and to point out that it is being helped by russo marsh and rogers, a gop lobbying and strategy company that has represented a number of conservative causes and candidates.

but filmmaker moore also has tapped leading democratic operatives to lobby for his cause. he has hired democratic top guns chris lehane and mark fabiani -- both former staffers for former president bill clinton whose expertise in crisis communications has earned them the nickname "masters of disaster.'' they will try to rebut charges against the film from the right, while former new york gov. mario cuomo was hired to fight the movie's r rating, which restricts people younger than 17 from seeing it without a parent or adult guardian. a pg-13 rating would allow teens to see it on their own.
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