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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

it's nice with dead trees media agrees with us

richard goldstein, writing in the village voice, hit many of the same points about lisa myers' "fact checking" of f911 that we did last week (part one and part two and part three):

nbc ran highly negative assessments of the film on both its nightly news and its cable channel msnbc. the network referred to its coverage as a "truth squad report." as part of this exposé, senior correspondent lisa myers targeted the hilarious moment in fahrenheit 9/11 when moore asks legislators to sign up their children to fight in iraq. myers noted that moore had failed to include comments by republican congressmember mark kennedy, who appears in that scene looking baffled. "my nephew had just gotten called into service and was told he's heading for afghanistan," kennedy told myers. "he [moore] didn't like that answer, so he didn't include it." moore had addressed this allegation in the stephanopoulos interview: "when we interviewed [kennedy], he didn't have any family members in afghanistan. . . . we released the transcript and put it on our website." but nbc made no mention of these readily available rebuttals. (a network spokesman declined to comment.)

note that none of the facts in fahrenheit 9/11 are in dispute. what abc and nbc called into question is moore's extrapolation and interpretation of information; in other words, his slant. but by using loaded phrases like "truth squad" and "fact or fiction," and by omitting moore's answers to key questions, these networks did the very thing they accuse him of doing. i would argue that this sort of distortion is far more dangerous in the context of a news broadcast than in a clearly opinionated film.
we always liked the village voice.

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