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Saturday, April 24, 2004

violence not awol today in iraq

violence flared across iraq on saturday. among the news highlights:

2 us sailors killed in iraq boat attack says the asspress

suicide attackers detonated explosive-laden boats near oil facilities in the persian gulf on saturday, killing two u.s. navy sailors in a new tactic against iraq's vital oil industry. elsewhere, violence across iraq killed at least 33 iraqis and four american soldiers. it was the first such maritime attack against oil facilities since u.s. troops invaded iraqi more than a year ago.
actually, the number of american soldiers killed elsewhere was five, as the asspress reports in a later article:

volleys of rockets struck the capital's crowded shiite muslim neighborhood of sadr city on saturday, hitting a busy market, smashing into a home and killing at least seven iraqis. outside baghdad, insurgents rocketed a u.s. military base, killing five soldiers.

besides the deaths in the sadr city rocket strikes, at least 13 iraqis were reported killed in a bombing at tikrit, clashes between polish troops and shiite militiamen in karbala and u.s. raids overnight in sadr city.
reuters talks about a roadside bomb killing 14 on a bus going to baghdad:

a roadside bomb killed 14 iraqis traveling by bus to baghdad on saturday and 12 others were wounded, a doctor at a nearby hospital said.

witnesses said the bus was driving just ahead of a convoy of six u.s. military vehicles when the roadside bomb, a favorite guerrilla weapon against the occupying forces, exploded.
and nine iraqis were killed in rocket attacks on a shi'ite market in the capital city, says the bulgarian news network.

witnesses said at least two projectiles hit the chicken market in the ourfalli neighbourhood of sadr city. abdul-jabbar al-zubeidi, director of a nearby hospital, said several of the wounded were in critical condition. it was not immediately clear who had fired the weapons
and, no surprise to anyone, the number of u.s. troops wounded has increased sharply in the last two weeks, according to military.com.

thanks to lunaville's iraq coalition casualty page for the links.

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