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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, April 24, 2004

turn about is fair play

sometimes it just takes an average american to speak the truth. from the letters section of the washpost:

the pentagon is upset because photos appeared of workers respectfully treating flag-draped coffins on their way from iraq and afghanistan back to their families in the united states ["photos of soldiers' coffins revive controversy," news story, april 23].

deputy undersecretary of defense john molino has said that such photos focus attention in ways that are "unwarranted and undignified." as a result of the pentagon outcry, tami silicio, the civilian contractor who took the photos, has lost her job, as has her husband, david landry.

i hope that mr. molino's job and others at the pentagon are not in jeopardy for their publicly opposing the president's policy on the use of photos of flag-draped coffins. president bush recently and proudly ran a television commercial for his reelection campaign using images of firefighters respectfully removing a flag-draped coffin from the wreckage of the world trade center, despite the outcry from some new york firefighters.

mr. bush reasoned that the sept. 11 attacks were part of our history and belong to the american people.
on the other hand, if some pentagon folks lose their jobs, perhaps ms. silicio and mr. landry will get theirs back.

peter w. rehwaldt
alameda, calif.
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