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Thursday, April 15, 2004

the perception that "perception is reality" is not reality - a skippy rant

we have always thought, at the end of the day, that our side will prevail, because we have reality to back us up.

we know that a popular meme, attributed to goebbels, is that if you repeat a lie often, enough it becomes the truth. we know the self-righteous wing relies on that idea, and with its control of the corporate media, seems to actually believe the idea that if you get everybody to accept something as reality, it actually is reality.

however, and this is what has always comforted us in the dark dark nights as we lay in our bed wondering what the hell is happening to the world, that meme is not the truth. that meme is, itself, a perception of the truth.

in other words...you can convince everybody that if they step off a cliff, the good lord will lift them up to safety in his arms in heaven. you can repeat that over and over, and have all the faux news anchors pound away at it, as well as rush and sean and bill and laura and ann and all the radio demagogues emphatically shout it again and again over the radio waves. you can have it as a cover story on newsweek and time every week, and you can even shut down any radio network that dares to oppose the idea.


just because everybody in the country perceives it to be true, doesn't make it reality. the second someone steps off a cliff, the laws of physics are going to take over and, though the person will eventually perhaps end up in heaven in the safety of the lord's arms, that person will first plunge downward to a painful end at the bottom of the cliff.

our point? "perception is reality" does not apply to the laws of reality. and that includes the laws of economics, the laws of political science, the laws of nature, and the even the laws of terre haute, indiana. sooner or later, reality will intrude.

and, unfortunately for the self-righteous wing of the repubbblican party, it's sooner or later now.

case in point: we watched wolf's on vacation so some bimbo is reading the news on cnn today. whoever the news repeater was filling in for wolf had the usual "hot topic" segment, with two screeching heads "debating" a point.

today's heads were korel bouley from kgo radio on the left, and mark simone from wabc radio on the right.

usually, mark is a pit bull, never letting his opponent finish a sentense, let alone make a point, shouting out repubbb memes right and left (well, actually, right and right). but today, for some reason, he was rather timid in his performance, as korel scored point after point after point discussing awol's "brown people need democracy" speech from tuesday night.

korel said americans wanted an apology from awol. mark countered that presidents don't apologize, it's too "dr. phil" touchy-feely, did korel want an apology from fdr for pearl harbor?

before mark could even finish, korel shot back with "we demanded an apology from clinton for having sex, i think that the deaths of hundreds of americans in an unnecessary war is more important."

mark had no come back. he sat there. he could say nothing.

another example of reality intruding on the repubbb's meme: korel pointed out that a year ago, awol flew a jet fighter onto the aircraft carrier to announce "mission accomplished," and the major hostilities were over in iraq.

mark countered with, no, he was saying that major hostilities in afghanistan were over. (that was a new one on us).

but the bimbo news repeater interrupted with reality: "i was there on the deck of the carrier, mark, and that is what president bush said," she corrected.

reality is intruding into the self-righteous wing's memes so badly, that even news repeaters are actually starting to stick to reality. who would a thunk?

keep your eyes open for more examples of reality interferring with the repubbbs' memes. we'll get back to you with more.
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