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Friday, April 30, 2004

ohio news network not awol with nightline tonight

luckily for parts of ohio, the ohio news network has agreed to air tonight's controversial nightline segment, in spite of the sinclair broadcasting group's decision to not show the program on its affiliates:

viewers in central ohio and across the state will get to see friday night's nightline program on onn…

the sinclair broadcast group, the owner of 8 abc affiliates nationwide, decided not run the program. that includes one station here in ohio…

friday, abc contacted the ohio news network and asked onn to air the program. onn decided to air the program and give viewers the choice.

viewers across ohio can watch nightline here on the ohio news network live friday night at 11:35 p.m. the show will last 40 minutes rather than the usual half hour.
on a more satirical note, the village voice has the draft of a memo that was found in the janitor's closet at sinclair broadcasting:

no organization holds our media industry and the executives who use it to line their pockets in higher regard than sinclair broadcast group. while sinclair would support a mendacious effort to cover up the alarming number of americans who have died in iraq, mr. koppel is using simple, indisputable facts—names and photos of the dead, no less—to dramatize the war and give viewers a chance to judge its consequences. however, an informed citizenry is anathema to the corporate state, and we suspect that many of those currently working toward this goal have financial connections to al qaeda. dick cheney informs us that we are not alone in this viewpoint. as a result, we have decided to preempt the broadcast of nightline this friday on each of our abc affiliates.

sinclair owns 62 stations in 39 markets, including eight abc affiliates. if that sounds like a monopoly, it is, and we got it the old-fashioned way—we shilled for it. in 2004, we gave 98 percent of our political donations, or $65,434, to gop causes. we applaud the gop's support for deregulation, and we intend to return the favor by cheerleading for the war. unlike the bad news bears at abc, we think of ourselves as the good news network. in case you haven't heard, 98 percent of iraqis are thrilled by the u.s. occupation. we have hundreds of hours of footage of people who were paid to say so.
on a related note, we at skippy international have decided not to run any reviews of books by upton sinclair unless he presents both sides of the meat packing industry.

addendum: freep this wear-tv online poll asking if you agree with the sinclair decision. (hint: it's a tricky question, worded for manipulation of results, so your answer would be i disagree with the decision.")
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