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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

mission not quite accomplished

considering it's less than a week to the one year anniversary of awol's imitation of tom cruise when he announced "mission accomplished" in the invasion of iraq, the irony would be funny, were hundreds of people not being killed at this very moment.

the coalition forces have begun an offensive on the two different fronts that hold the bulk of the insurgent problems in that country. the bosglobe tells us how the fighting has increased:

u.s. warplanes and artillery attacked sunni insurgents holed up in a slum in a thunderous show of force that rocked fallujah tuesday, sending huge plumes of black smoke into the night sky. the assault came after american troops killed 64 gunmen near the southern city of najaf.

an american soldier was killed tuesday in baghdad, raising the u.s. death toll for april to 115 the same number lost during the invasion of iraq that toppled saddam hussein last year. up to 1,200 iraqis also have been killed this month.

the second straight night of battles in fallujah came as the extension of a fragile cease-fire ended in the turbulent city west of baghdad. marines have been preparing to begin patrols in the city later this week.
good thing it looks like the coalition is getting the upper hand, because it looks like we won't be getting any more troops from britain. the ukguard says

tony blair today appeared to rule out the immediate deployment of more british troops in iraq, despite recent reports suggesting that as many as 2,000 extra soldiers could be sent to fill gaps left by the withdrawal of spanish forces.

"the advice that we have now is that we have sufficient troops to do the job," mr blair, speaking at a joint news conference with the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi, said.
and, in case you were thinking about changing your vacation to iraq plans to a nice stay in syria, think again: a fierce gun battle has erutped in downtown syria after assailants fired rpg's into the former un headquarters there.

good thing we brought stability to the area by removing saddam.
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