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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

violence still not awol in iraq; 9 killed, bodies mutilated

in one of the worst days of violence since we won the war, 9 americans (five soldiers and four contractors) were killed in separate incidents today in iraq, says the voa news:

crowds of iraqis demonstrate in fallujah after the bodies of several foreign contractors were burned beyond recognition. this, after their vehicles were attacked and burned in the town, which has been a stronghold of opposition to the u.s.-led military occupation. at least two burned corpses were later seen hanging from a nearby bridge…

further north, five american soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near their armored personnel carrier. in washington, a white house spokesman called the attacks a horrible attempt to intimidate efforts to restore order to iraq, but vowed those attempts will not succeed.

the violence came just two days after a united nations official warned the ongoing violence risks jeopardizing iraqi elections which are supposed to take place by early next year.
the australian gives us the details on the attack in fallujah, which are particularly gory:

furious iraqis hacked up the charred bodies of two people, believed to be foreign civilians, and hung the remains from a bridge after their car was ambushed wednesday, saying fallujah would be the "cemetery" of us-led occupation forces.

"down with the occupation, down with america," they shouted as they hurled rocks at the bodies, one of them headless, that dangled from the bridge over the euphrates river, an afp correspondent witnessed.

the bodies were then taken down and placed on the ground for people to kick them and slash with knives.

young men also strung a severed hand and a leg on an electricity pole on the main street of fallujah, west of baghdad, where the attack took place early wednesday.

four policemen in a car who were near the bridge at the time were seen leaving the scene without intervening.
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