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Friday, March 26, 2004

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reader and longtime contributor rose sends us a link to david ignatius' column in today's washpost, wondering what a true 'wartime' president would do under current political conditions:

i like to think that this hypothetical leader would have found a way to rise above the fray and unite the country: he would have embraced the commission's work, forthrightly admitted his own mistakes, sent his national security adviser to testify publicly -- and insisted that the security of the united states was too important to be buried in election-year squabbles.

president bush and his white house handlers did pretty much the opposite. they fanned the flames of partisan debate; when asked awkward questions, they stonewalled; rather than testify before the cameras, national security adviser condoleezza rice spent part of her wednesday afternoon dishing dirt to reporters about a commission witness who had criticized the president.
and kelley kramer informs us about her blogpost praising richard clarke for his grace under fire against cnn's "little bill" hemmer:

hemmer: the white house says… the previous administration was obsessed with nothing…they allege, at the time, why wasn't anything done to take al qaeda out. this was august of 2000…

clarke: well, a great deal was done. the administration stopped the al qaeda attacks in the united states and around the world at the millennium period, they stopped al qaeda in bosnia, they stopped al qaeda from blowing up embassies around the world…there was a great deal the administration did, even though at the time, prior to 9/11, al qaeda had arguably not done a great deal to the united states.

if you look at the eight years of the clinton administration, al qaeda was responsible for the deaths of fewer than 50 americans over those eight years. contrast that with ronald reagan, where 300 americans were killed in lebanon and there was no retaliation. contrast that with the first bush administration where 260 americans were killed on pan-am 103 and there was no retaliation.
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