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Sunday, March 28, 2004

seattle pi: awol shouldn't be awol disclosing names for plame

the seattle post intelligencer makes the case that since the administration had no trouble disclosing the fact that richard clarke was the "senior administration official" who praised the anti-terrorism strategy in 2002, they should have no trouble telling us who leaked valerie plame's name to robert "mr." novak:

it's useful, then, that the president and his staff are willing to serve the public interest by releasing journalists of their obligation to protect confidential white house sources. there's one more way for the administration to serve that interest. release robert novak and five other capital reporters of any obligation to withhold the names of the "two senior administration officials" who told them that valerie plame was a cia operative, in what appeared to be an attempt to punish plame's husband, retired ambassador joseph wilson iv, for debunking the president's nigerian yellow-cake claim.
quid pro quo, clarice.
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