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Thursday, March 25, 2004

rumor has it tom delay may soon be awol

via the blogger formerly known as calpundit (yes! we coined that phrase, too!) kevin drum at the washington monthly: speaker of the house tom delay may be considering stepping down.

apparently election law violations would constitute not only an embarrassment but also illegality for the speaker. the austin chronicle explains:

state gop leaders imposed a republican-friendly redistricting plan on the texas house, delay's money machine helped pack the house with craddick loyalists, and in return [tom] craddick would give delay a new congressional map that would provide the bug man [delay used to be an exterminator] with more friends and fewer enemies in d.c.

the tomstown scandal refers to a series of grand jury investigations and lawsuits...spawned during the execution of the toms' strategy of conquest. the two main groups whose activities are under scrutiny are the texas association of business, a pro-gop group with connections to both toms, and the texans for a republican majority political action committee, created by delay to secure gop control of the texas legislature. both groups are accused of violating texas election law during the 2002 state elections – into which tab and trmpac poured around $4.5 million – and during craddick's subsequent campaign to become speaker of the house.
and although nobody in the texas state government (and certainly not the federal) had the balls, moxie, or even motivation to take on delay, travis county district attorney ronnie earle (admittedly a democrat) had no such reservations. salon tells us (but you have to watch an ad before they tell you anything):

because the state capital lies within the jurisdiction of travis county, earle is far more powerful than the d.a.s in larger cities, such as houston, dallas and san antonio. his public integrity unit has a mandate and legislative funding to prosecute public officials who break the law. he's held office for 27 years, and is the only democrat with statewide prosecutorial authority. his ongoing investigation of two political action committees that spent a combined $3.4 million on 22 republican texas house races is now focused on a pac founded by delay and directed by a delay operative.
stay tuned!
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