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Monday, March 29, 2004

note to moveon.org: you can't spell progressive without "e-g-o" - a skippy rant

let us preface this post with the caveat that we are long-time moveon.org supporters. readers of this space will know we actively promote every action alert and news piece that fine progressive organization puts out.

we also have contributed money, and have urged everyone else to do so, too. so, please read the following as if it were a good friend saying something that only a really good friend would have the compassion to say. a lefty intervention, if you will:

we got an email from moveon.org today promoting their new book moveon’s 50 ways to love your country: how to find your political voice and become a catalyst for change (which we had already promoted in an oblique yet clever-as-a-kangaroo manner here).

but our complaint with the email was the heading, and the thrust of the missive: take the moveon book to #1.

the gang at moveon asked us to order the book from amazon, so it could move up the best seller list, from the current (as of this afternoon) #2 spot all the way to #1!

our problem with that was, at the time we received the email, the #1 book was richard clarke's against all enemies.

it seemed to us at the time (and still seems to us, even though, indeed, the moveon book is now #1) that there was a tiny bit of hubris at work here. begging people to make moveon's tome #1, thus pushing clarke's book out of the top spot, would only be for bragging rights. and what good is bragging that you're better than another person on your own team?

in our opinion, while the moveon book is chock full of good info and inspriration, at this moment in our history, we should all be thankful that richard clarke has the guts to stand up to awol and his posse. it's very important, at least just as important, that clarke's story get out to the american people as much as moveon's volume of good citizenship ideas.

we're all on the same side here. perhaps this is a molehill of badly worded press releases that has spurred us on to pulling out our mountain-scaling gear. but still, we were bothered by moveon's insistance that we buy their book so they could displace the most important witness to the 911 commission, if not the most important voice of dissent in the past three years.

ok, if it was sean hannity or bill o'reilly's book, we would have pulled the credit card out immediately. but now, we have to be candid, the next time a moveon email graces our inbox asking us for more money, we'll take it with a grain of salt, and wonder if there isn't some other, less egotistical, progressive website that could use our cash.

let's not eat our own. let's be happy that there are a plethora of leftist voices now being heard. let's not insist that our voice be the loudest. you don't see us going to everyone's blog, begging for hits so we can displace the kos, do you?

focus, folks. bragging rights are pretty insignificant compared to what's at stake in seven months.

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