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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, March 25, 2004

insights never awol to alterman

eric alterman (compulsory plug for his book and his other one now in paperback) puts it best discussing richard clarke's testimony before the 911 commission:

joe wilson, valerie plame, max cleland, paul o’neill, general zinni, and dick clarke are all unpatriotic liars and weenies right? has to be true; otherwise, this administration is both incompetent and dishonest. and that’s not possible. i mean, on the one hand we have people who have given their entire careers to serving the american people and in many cases, paid dearly for it. on the other, we have a guy who didn’t bother to show up for his cushy national guard service during a war he supported, spent most of his first forty years drinking and carousing, and having been made wealthy by his father’s associates, fell into the job of president where he (undeniably) misled his country into a war based on falsified evidence. gee that’s a hard one. no wonder ron brownstein thinks the clarke testimony might be a turning point.

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